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Cheap and cheerful - this is not about her.
We are not sufficiently rich to buy cheap things.
The explosion at the pasta factory.
All winged words and sayings will not suffice to convey impressions of using the SC-400 (as could be and T-800, as the Terminator).
Vyplesnut emotions will tell you all about it.
The first two days after the purchase we prepared the bread on the mode of "Accelerated" prescription. The bread was good, but sweet and soft as bun, as in recipe 750 grams of bread put as many as 3 tablespoons of sugar. After a sweet feast it is time to move on everyday ordinary bread on the "native"mode. And then the problems started. Like doing a prescription, and the bread was not reached, such that "explodes" (1 and 2 - view the profile and full face), not baked and fabricated in a raw. On power 600 W is intended to propagate bread - EN no. After that decided to prepare the dough again prescription "Dough for pelmeni". The bread machine began to hum and "slip", as the dough is too steep for her, although it continued to stick to hands. In General, the normal dough in it will not do. Recipe "Cake" is impossible. The rest of the recipes have not tried it and don't want.
From the technical characteristics want to note that it is very noisy. The hood is such that the room is scary to be in. On the lid there is an observation window, but when cooking is useless, because sweats, and it drops, breaking into the dough.
Decided I was to sell it, but somehow I felt ashamed. Even scold me will be.
In General, if you think that You are not a creative person, then buy this stove and amaze the guests with the masterpieces of abstract art in their own "istechenii".

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Reviews: Computers / Other

Suppose You have a monitor or TV, situated at a considerable distance from the source. What to do in this situation? Sometimes it is possible to use long (or very long) cable for direct connection. But this is not always possible and in a responsible
cases are not always valid. It is a natural desire to take advantage of specialized and therefore costly means.
One of the suitable candidates is ATEN VE600: DVI Video Cat5 Extender ("extension" video running over a twisted pair category 5) (see photograph). The manufacturer promises video quality at a distance up to 30 m as SXGA (1280x1024) and HDTV (up to 1080i). Simultaneously transmitted sound.
The device proved to be compact, easy to connect and configure. Problems with him did not begin immediately. After connecting everything worked in a regular mode, sometimes it disappeared signal, but it paid no attention. Further - more, the signal began to disappear more often and for longer periods of time. Since every disabling and re-enabling of video extender broadcast was resumed, there was a suspected defect power adapter. Hardly find a suitable (for normal startup requires exactly to 5.3 In), but the situation has not improved. The result: over time in the daylight lamps (twisted pair laid above a suspended ceiling) started to act up chokes, creating obstacles to cable; as a temporary solution had to disable part of the lamps.
Conclusion: the expensive device has no own means of interference compensation on line, simply performing the functions of the Converter DVI Cat5-DVI. Apparently, not even a local frame buffer, the signal in the event of interference disappears instantly. It turns out that for $ 300 we acquired the extension, which can make a new ham scheme downloaded from the Internet. About this issue either on the manufacturer's website or the manual doesn't say a word. Annoying: I wanted to pay once and avoid problems in the future - and eventually got a new headache!.

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Reviews: Electronics / Camcorders

Smarthome Select another brand for Lonrock T7838WIP.
The organization has purchased 25 of these cameras, assuming organize a complete control over the work of the staff. Seen enough videos on the Internet, I've read a lot of praises on the manufacturer's website and made a choice in favor of these cameras. The device appears relatively cheap at 4,000 apiece, so perhaps and requirements presented to them, is not so high: convenient centralized view (declared HD quality)recording with motion detection, remote adjustment of the lens. As a bonus - a night view and good equipment (first picture. The photo does not drive for a cardboard stamping.). Next in sequence.
1. The scan is performed or when connected to the camera via a web browser plug-in (very low quality), or by signature of the application, proudly called Super Client. Dignity - a centralized view. Disadvantages: each cell is identified by a unique code in all the videos, read the smartphone cameras with QR-pictures. This silent, that this very long code you must either manually enter or select from the list by checking the code on the camera. And this despite the fact that the PTZ camera will certainly be located outside the zone of immediate and convenient access to them. The camera is attached "sole", intended for fastening to the wall, ceiling, etc. but certainly not to the table, Cabinet, or monitor.
HD-quality displayed by the program, wants the best. Commercials for everything perfectly clear, vibrant colors, there is a blurred movement. The reality presented at the second picture. The video quality is average (what this means, is not clear, but a change to "maximum" in essence, nothing changes, only increase the bitrate). Notice monstrous colour. On the photo pasted fragments from a picture taken by the camera without flash.
2. As it turned out, the record may be kept either on the SD card (for which very opportunely provides slot)or Super Client. All would be nothing, but the record with a lot of cameras should be included in the commit movement, and only in a specified area of the frame (or "wavering" pixels will cause continuous recording). But such luxury in the configuration of the detector is not available.
The stream on the ftp server is not provided. Thus you can only save snapshots.
3. PTZ functions (control and servo zoom) work fine, however zoom detected only digital can much better be done in any software for photo processing, optical image does not change.
4. Surprisingly was good feature of infrared light. The third photo paper with the print, shot in a completely opaque package.

A few words about the announced "simple" setup. Such it is possible to present only when the camera and the device running the setup program in the same network. This will require either a DHCP server that is common to all, or you will have to manually specify the connection settings. .

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Reviews: Computers / Modems

The Internet center Zyxel NBG334W EE - not net friend!
The first time this WiFi-router was used for the organization of a WiFi zone when connecting to the ISP via an ADSL modem. Everything was great, except for one: terribly slow file transfer between devices, one of which was in the wireless and the second in the wired network. Moreover, in the course of this operation (if the file size was large enough, or the files of many of the Internet-center started to "freeze": CPU load could reach 95% or more, which led to breaks in the connection to the Internet.
When changing the way provider connection (PPPoE, Rostelecom) nothing special happened, so, when there appeared competitor (PPPoE, local ISP) with more favorable proposal, this proposal was accepted, - and then the trouble began. The modem is not only became a regular disconnect from your ISP (field IP address and IP Subnet Mask took a value of, see second photo), but also to restart during attempts to establish a connection. Googling, I learned that it can be corrected by the firmware update process, but in our case it did not.
There's only one thing: to buy a new modem, then "life is normal". But here it was found unpleasant moment: he wanted to use the Zyxel as an access point for the expansion of the zone of action of the wireless network created by the new router (so-called "repeater mode"), and it failed. As it turned out, this mode is only supported when connecting to the Internet via wired network (see the third photo).

Does not work with all providers (at least until the firmware upgrade), a very slow file transfers between wired and wireless networks (up to hang), no repeater mode, bulky AC adapter (closes neighboring nest on a power strip).
Detachable antenna, possibility of creation of the guest network, good equipment (see the first picture).

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In your example I would like to warn from savings, which can be transformed into a simple disappointment.
Slightly less than a year ago, bought a microwave oven Whirlpool MWD208/WH with much discount on sale in Media Markt. It attracted more: the grill, different mode of cooking/defrost, combined mode, touch panel and, of course, price. Below is my impression.
Previously used the microwave with a capacity of 900 watts, so increasing heat time was initially took for granted - and the only time compared with the other devices of the same capacity, realized that to heat a Cup of tea (330 ml) up to 50 C for two and a half minutes is unreasonably long. The oven is heated up considerably. The impression is that warms himself and the environment, and not the products inside. And begs the question as isolation of microwave radiation.
Another interesting subtlety, discovered by chance: if you just open the door, not giving an fixatives exit from the slots until the end (until the lights are on), and to stay in this position, microwave earn, and the timer will show the time (look at the last photo)!

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