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-5 25.07.2015

Reviews: Cosmetics / for face

Of all means for the removal of make-up prefer micellar. But foolishly decided to save a little and instead of his beloved and long proven pharmacy brand bought another tool, what then wildly regretted. Garnier micellar water has attracted a small price to pay for a huge amount, but over all its pros and numerous cons: removes makeup bad (you have to use a couple of cotton pads to remove it completely), leaves a greasy film on the skin, and most importantly - stings my eyes when removing them with makeup. This is not to mention terribly himona the composition of the funds, even scary on the skin apply! This huge bottle I had to throw away almost full, so to buy I do not advise anyone, means even their small is not worth the money.

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-5 25.04.2015 | 25 April 2015 at 18:28

Going on vacation and to save space in your suitcase bought a hair dryer Vitek VT-2316. The price was very attractive, and bright blue color window. I then made sure good in this device only the color and the price, everything else is solid disadvantages. Lauded producer function of ionization does not show: the hair as previously electrified, and after drying, this dryer is still standing up. But it's not the nasty, much worse than the other: the dryer heats up very quickly, at high speed the air just starts to burn the scalp after a few minutes. It is not only uncomfortable, but, in my opinion, is simply dangerous for the hair. My bad experience with this hair dryer will destroy rash buy this device.

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Reviews: Cosmetics / Make-up

Went on another quest for the perfect mascara and on the advice of a consultant in the store bought ink Divage False Lashes. I don't know what considerations guided the girl consultant, mpariwa me this mascara, but she is clearly this product is not used. To begin with, that mascara is terrible liquid, when first applying lashes only slightly blacken, when re-applying the color becomes more intense, but the lashes clumped terribly and turn into spider legs. If this is the promised so-called "false lash effect", it is something awful. In addition, this mascara is very uncomfortable brush: very large, is the same throughout, without a refined tip, so you can paint over the lashes in the corners of the eyes it is simply unrealistic. In short, you will see the ink on the shelf - pass by, spend your money on something more decent.

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

As always with the onset of the cold I have problems with the throat, and I once again begin to look for effective and fast tool for solving problems. Bitter experience and not believing in the action of all sorts of candy from a sore throat, still have bought the passionate speech of the pharmacist in the pharmacy that lozenges "Septolete" from KRKA will help me, and will happen very quickly. I would be happy if the lozenges at least helped me to relieve pain in inflamed throat (not to mention how to do it quickly). My hopes were not destined to come true. When the resorption of these records I have a numb tongue and upper palate, but the sore throat is not passed. Moreover, after the fourth mints so I picked up a stomach that I even forgot about the sore throat. My advice to everyone is often plagued by throat problems: do not buy this tool, it will not be removed even just the symptoms, not to mention the treatment, and if You have a sick stomach, then it is better to bypass it by.

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Reviews: Cosmetics / Make-up

All the lipstick from my lips slide very quickly, so bought a token for lips Maybelline Color Sensational in the hope of its durability. My expectations regarding its durability were fully justified, but at what cost! This eerie marker firmly ingrained in the contour of the lips, disappeared after a couple of hours with them in the middle. I always felt a sense of tightness on the lips, and the lips themselves with him looked like a century grandma - shriveled and small, moreover, he was terribly dried my lips, until peeling - and this is just one day! Absolutely terrible token, do not advise anyone to even try to apply it on the lips, and especially to spend money to buy it!

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