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When you start the heating season, the apartment is not only warm, how dry and hard to breathe.
Last year we bought a regular humidifier in the shop. But it was very noisy, and at night to turn it on was impossible. And we need hydration at night when the kids are asleep.

Of course, we turned it on before going to sleep, but the night air in the bedroom was impossible dry. This morning the kids woke up with a stuffy noses and coughing because the mucous membrane was dry.

And not very well he coped with the area of the room. In General, low price is its only advantage.
This year I decided to choose a humidifier is good, even more expensive. Most importantly, to cope with their responsibilities.

And so, after long searches and studying of different models, we bought Germicidal humidifier air ionizer Aquacom MX2-600. It costs 15000.

Primarily attracted by the fact that it is a patented domestic development and has a certificate of Roszdravnadzor. And secondly, because it is the only moisturizer that not only hydrates and purifies the air, but also a bactericidal effect due to AG ions.

Humidifier very stylish looks good in the interior. It's nice that even such a thing, you can not just buy what there is, and choose the desired color. We bought a Golden (but not vulgar, muted color) with black, and it matches perfectly with the furniture in the bedroom. The device is very neat and not bulky, although it holds 5 liters of water. And it is very economical, the previous humidifier was sucking so much electricity that the accounts came terrible. With Aquacom or no, difference in the accounts we did not like and not use them every day.

Management Aquacom clear and easy, there is a remote control. Actually we bought this model because it comes with a remote.

Since then, as we had not afraid of the word, is a MIRACLE, everything had changed. The air has become cleaner, and breathe easy now. Most pleased that the children now sleep soundly and Wake up without a dry nose and cough. And you can leave it on all night because it is quiet and does not prevent to sleep.

The youngest child in this year, we went to kindergarten, and we mentally prepared for frequent sick leave. And what you think in six months we were at the hospital only once and that with chicken pox.

Bactericidal properties of silver are really doing their job, I now know from personal experience.
And even with the humidifier the skin was no longer flaking. Early in the morning the skin was like paper, and now there is no need to use ultra-rich, nourishing creams. And it's so good, many girls will understand me.

For everyone who cares about the health of your family, I highly recommend to buy Aquacom..

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