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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

We went on holidays in may to the parents of the Arkhangelsk oblast, to go almost two days on the train. Of course, with a year-old kid that creates many problems and inconveniences, but I really wanted to see.

When bought in the pharmacy, hygienic products and medicines for the road, I saw disposable aprons (bibs) for children. Never about such did not hear and decided to buy a sample of a package, the more they cost only 180 rubles.

Pack of 10 thin very light apron of absorbent material with bright children's drawings. They are like tissue paper only in the form of a bib.

I was glad of them on the road, they proved to be simply indispensable helpers. Using them is very convenient and easy. You need to break Golovinka, to put on the baby and the back edge to glue. The apron is holding up well, the child does not interfere. He has a pocket, you just need to cut out all the crumbs left in it.

The material is really good quality and absolutely not wet, clothes stay totally clean. And it doesn't need to prewash and soak. Ate, took off his apron and threw in the road is doubly great. Package last us for the road ahead, there have already bought two more packages on the way back.

Now I always carry in the bag is not only the first aid kit and wipes, but the packaging of the apron from the Sun and the moon, in case we go to someone to visit or cafe.

It's a really cool thing, especially for the price.

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Recently my husband bought an unusual soft toys. At first, I honestly didn't know what to do with them. But they are so fond of children that participate in almost all games.

These toys are characters of the animated series adventure Time - Princess some bubble wrap and the Ice king. Toys made of soft plush, very soft to the touch. He was very warm and neat, the seams do not disagree, the beard of the king will not go. All materials and filler safe and hypoalergenic, they can be safely given to young children. Of course, they recommended three years, but no hazardous elements for kids.

We have children of different ages. The eldest is 5 years old and the youngest 2.5 years. Play both, so the toy has survived a few purges. The quality hasn't suffered, the filler did not somawansa, the color does not fade and does not shed.

Princess - such a cute hugging a purple cloud, my daughter loves to sleep with him and often takes it with him to kindergarten. But the king, as befits a cartoon character, evil and insidious, but no less soft and warm in his arms.

Often use the toy for educational purposes. For example, when children don't want to go brush your teeth or just capricious, then we ice king arrives and everything freezes. All this, of course, as a joke, but a squeal of joy and the children from such games for the whole house. And when the teeth are brushed and whims is gone, the Princess arrives cloud, all hugs and gifts.

In General, the toys themselves are just wonderful, but if you use them correctly, they will definitely be favorite in your home.

Multicult there are many different and very interesting toys, including the other heroes of this cartoon. All of excellent quality, highly recommend.

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

So we became the owners of great magnetic surface. True, I bought a cheap firm, it is very analogues to the price bites.

I liked the description and characteristics of the designer Magnikon, only here reviews about it on the Internet not so much as I would like. And for good reason. Designer is really worthy.
I bought my daughter a set of MC-30 "Comet". 30 number of items 12 triangles and 18 squares. They have kits with less and with lots of detail, but I took the medium pack to try and there are enough details for games.

Designer Packed in a cardboard box, very colorful. You can buy a set in a plastic box with lid and handle, and this store is convenient. But we are already closer to the new year will buy.

The designer does not smell strangers. The magnets inside the items are sitting tight, not moving. The details are neat, smooth, smooth, very durable, beautiful, bright and large. My daughter is already large (5 years), but kids will be comfortable and in four and in three. Hand movements with it works great until the details of the collect, then while the figure tell. And to play with him it will be interesting at any age. I have even my husband in the evenings gladly collects something.

The magnets in the designer good, are attached to each other firmly. But with a little effort, and give to the child so to disassemble the shape son is not difficult. A collected shape, in turn, break up into parts.

Magnikon very high quality designer, beautiful, durable and safe for children. And while still cheaper than other firms. I'm really glad I bought it, and my daughter is pleased even more.

Buy and play with pleasure.

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

My review of the liquid powder for washing baby AQA for those moms who greet children in the household means no chemical substances and odor. I chose the gel according to these criteria, plus gave me over to his loyal price.

Aqua was recommended to me in store when I asked safe for baby liquid Laundry detergent and definitely no smell. In the absence of the latter, I was convinced on the spot: consultant unscrewed the cap and offered a sniff of the contents of the vial. Information on the composition I read on the label – liquid detergent for washing baby clothes and diapers with no phosphates, no chlorine, no dyes, no harmful preservatives and other aggressive chemicals. It is produced in Russia under control of German company "Mann and Schroeder".

At the first wash Aqua made a favorable impression. His ability to get away with things for me, before erasing powders, was unexpected and very pleasant. The gel dissolves completely in the water, just a rinse mode to on things there is nothing left except the smell of cleanliness and freshness. I do not pour it into the corresponding hole of the machine, put the container directly in the drum, in the middle of the linen. The first few washings measured out the right amount of the cap, double it, closes the bottle and performs the function of the measuring Cup. Now pour "by eye", depending on what kind of things to put in the machine and at what temperature they will be washed (Aqua is suitable for anyone from 30 to 90 degrees).

The gel can be washed and hands. Although I do not practice hand-washing, sometimes you have quickly faded stained fresh t-shirt or shirt. Aqa copes with stains from juice, milk, fruit, etc.
I also mention the economical consumption of resources. The consistency of it is thick, it is possible to take less than recommended by the manufacturer. I'm doing that. But at this point, I think each of the moms, to wash a few times, she will understand..

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Baby we just had and a month later we are going out of town to her parents. Yes, a little. Yes, very afraid to take him on a long journey. But to stay for the summer in a city where dust, dirt and exhaust fumes from cars, is not very desirable.

Actually, I'm not so much worried about the road, how much safe the baby sleep. Most of the time we kid, of course, will be on the street in the pram or carrycot, but not always. And so the question remained, how to trace the baby while he sleeps in the crib.

For a long time I puzzled about it, remembering how you always run to your child last year sister. And here is our dad suggested solution is to buy a monitor. Of course, I forgot about them.
After studying the characteristics of different models, we bought the Angelcare AC1100, and with a clear conscience collect things. I'm sure summer will be just fine, because I have a wonderful helper - baby monitor. It seems to be simple, but not easy.

In angelsea many features that distinguish it from other nannies.

In the first place - sensor breath because my son was born prematurely. Sensor breath - touch and very sensitive, is placed under the mattress, therefore, does not interfere with the baby. But clearly monitors baby breathing and if 15-20 seconds is not visible to the respiratory movements, sends an alarm to the parent unit.
Secondly, cute angel with backlight - baby unit. It has a video camera that transmits to the parent unit clear color video. The same quality is maintained and night mode.

And, of course, parental unit. Very compact and convenient. I will be able to carry, he acts at a distance of 200 metres, that would be enough for our site.

On the parent unit you can watch the shooting from the bedroom or to put a vibrate mode and put it in his pocket. It controls the temperature of the air to the bedroom and in violation of the norms also sends a terrible signal. With the parent unit just to monitor how much the baby sleeps, because there is a sleep timer.

The most amazing thing in the parent block is the feedback. I his voice calm the baby when he worries, even if at this point you are in the street.

For the week, I'm so used to the fact that we have it, wonder how it is possible to do without it.

With full confidence I can say that, Angelea the best baby monitor and it really has become our indispensable helper.

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