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5 10.03.2016

Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Recently we have a new assistant, or rather an assistant. We bought the stroller - Espiro Magic PRO. Bought recently, but I have already evaluated its convenience and reliability in full measure.

Weather over the last few days so often and drastically changing, which is every day going for a walk don't know what's waiting for you on the roads and sidewalks. However, with this stroller we easily coped with puddles, slush, sleet and snow.

Have stroller great wheel, front and rear different diameter and at different distances, so to go around obstacles very easily. The front wheels are floating course, which can be fixed on the back of a reliable brake which quickly engages and locks both wheels. Just by the wheels and POPs the stroller is very maneuverable and stable, rides smoothly, not wobbly and collapses.

Convenient that there is no axle connecting the rear wheels, you can do a wide step. It especially pleased her husband.
To fold the stroller, I can even one hand, there is nothing complicated. Folded it is very compact and fits in the corridor behind the door and in the trunk of the car.

Espiro is a neat stroller, but very spacious, I think we are up to 3 for sure it will be comfortable. Stroller have comfortable and reliable belts. Also, there is a removable bumper. If we're not going, I unbuckle the baby from the straps and fasten the limiter to the bumper so the baby does not move out of the stroller.

In a wheelchair everything is perfect for sleeping. If the kid while walking to sleep, to create it comfortable not difficult. On the back of the pushchair has a soft mattress during sleep, I fold and it turns out a handy cushion. Backrest is lowered to the prone position, I tune the desired level of inclination and fix. The backrest is adjustable strap. On top of it is the little dome of the stroller. It seems small, but a flick of the wrist (opening his zipper) is getting more and enough is omitted. Legs close the cover to prevent wind from penetrating.
Once or twice and the baby comfortably sleeps, and nobody and nothing prevents.

Comfortable handle for parents, it is very pleasant for hands. on the dome of the stroller has a pocket for small items.
Still in the stroller great roomy basket. If I need something to put in it or get it, when the baby is sleeping, no need to bother him. On the basket there is a zipper that opens up access to the basket when the seat backrest is completely lowered.

In addition to its technical characteristics, Espiro original and beautiful design. Bright colors, durable fabric. By the way, I almost forgot, the inner side of the dome of the stroller is made of shiny fabric and protects the baby during hot days from harmful UV rays.

I'm very, very happy. If you still think and choose, I suggest you look it very carefully. If buy - will not regret.


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Child No. 1 on the Bolshoy prospect – one of my favorite children's stores.

It is very comfortable, spacious. Interesting design. If you look closely, even the Wallpaper is made by stamping store.
When you come here, first draw attention to the discounted products, they do not need to look at the reception always there is a booklet-an alert is bright red. It is always written, what a thing is and what the discount on it. Only here all to be honest, not that overpriced price tag and give a discount, as do many other stores, and that discount. Easy to check, comparing the basic price store with other in Google.

The sum sometimes is a more than profitable.

The quality of promotional products week is as good as the entire store. There are no fakes, no things of poor quality, all branded, quality. In connection with the growth of the dollar, of course, raised prices on many items in the store. But from a practical point of view, for me it is better to buy more expensive but better.

For promotions and discounts can also be monitored and their official website is their online store.

I personally shop interesting buy here about a year and am satisfied. Never has there been such that the product was not in stock. I needed the same Cribs, stroller for twins, 2 identical car seats - all bought at once, did not have to wait. The choice is huge and there are always fresh arrivals. Variety is great, not boring even a frequent visitor like me.

Another reason why it is convenient for me to come here – a lot of space, it is possible to drive the wheelchair.
To return the goods for what I never had, only once the exchange was, but I replaced with no complaints and with a smile on her face. Nice staff, always offered a Cup of tea or coffee.

So the shop is an interesting, fairly popular. I recommend a visit.

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Reviews: Children / Baby care

For their children buying a lot of makeup, tried to choose only the best.
Recently discovered this wonderful organic oil for baby skin brand Helan Linea Bimbi.
Now just one regret that had not bought it.
The oil helan composition is just perfect, there is a large number of useful oils, which help to cope with many problems such as dryness, diaper rash, irritation. When making the skin healthier, prettier, softer, gentler. In General, organic cosmetics lately makes me only respect and desire to buy it. It is now in the children's usual cosmetics which not only add various preservatives, dyes, flavors,so much chemistry, just scary. And organic cosmetics will not see this, only disadvantage, or even to say the quality indicator is that it is not stored. If you met such cosmetics you can buy. I found one already, the brand Helan completely suited us and its composition, and its properties.

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

The projector for the child I wanted to buy for a long time, decided to stop the projector from the Cotoons, as these toys we already know.
To wait for shipping from an online store not want to, so my daughter and I walked to the nearest Children's world and bought it. In stock they have always, as we were told.
In the hands to hold the projector easily enough, he has a beautiful design in the form of the clearing in the meadow.
Tree in the meadow – this is the projector that shows colorful pictures. Gathered his husband easily, apparently, it's not hard going. Had to adjust a bit to the pictures were clear. Set up once, then just changed the spare lenses (kit 3 pieces), hiding in the "tree trunk" on the projector.
The projection can complement the music, it can be put on 5, 10 and 15 minutes, the Ambassador of the melodies themselves are disabled.
In the box was a colorful poster with the Cotoons characters: bee, Zebra and lion. I left him for later, because now my son will easily be able to tear it.
Summarizing, we can say that a projector like the kid, and me. I may be away from the room ( warm milk, for example ), I know for sure that my chin will not cry.

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Glowing designer Laser Pegs we gave my son for this New year, as he has long dreamed about him, and discounts on there were good.

Tried to find an interesting set, eventually took the Car 30 in 1, one of the largest designers, get 30 models.

We were fascinated with the whole family: dad builds son helps, I include.

Build the shapes you want on the stand, but that they glowed necessarily need batteries.

Details are illuminated with colorful lights, there is a flashing mode.

Can be used as a nightlight, and just a beautiful decoration for a child's room turns out.

Well, we bought a great designer, as the excitement we were simply overwhelmed! The first night we had a great car, dinosaur, spider and even a helicopter, and more.

Have glowing parts, and is transparent is the light conductors.

All parts are collected in a box and locks securely, if you have small children, it is very convenient, and generally when things have their place of storage is great.

I can only advise such constructors kids who love LEGO or Magformers, and just as an unusual gift Laser Pegs fit perfectly, it seems to me that if we give, and the second is the same, it will be very useful.

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