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5 15.12.2014

Reviews: Children / Baby care

Hesitated to buy an electric breast pump, all thought, get used to manual. Despite the fact that by the time the pumping hand pump took almost an hour daily. All I felt terrible discomfort (thought this is normal), sometimes even pain. Manual breast pump I was mark Phillips AVENT.

But one day patience broke, and I decided to spend money on electronic breast pump, stopped at the Swiss company ARDO Calypso. I was attracted an enormous number of programs (modes) for pumping a total of 64, quiet operation, safe to Express milk so that it is not exposed to germs, massage showerhead, which relieves pain, lights, and of course the cost. By the way, to say, similar molokoedov there and the next, and the cost of the well-known brands was high, and the functions Ardo had won, and I bought it. Did not regret, already realized this in the first minutes of use of the breast pump, then it became clear to me why such a large number of programs you want any woman could pick up under her Breasts (sensitivity) and the rate of pumping. In this regard, manufacturers have tried their best, I thank them for that! And the most important thing for me . now that I'm pumping spend up to 20 minutes, and do not feel discomfort, and even more pain. With morokotso Ardo breast pumping now turned into joy!

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

The envelope Summer infant I bought it immediately, didn't even know about the existence of such, to be honest.
The first time I swaddled in regular diapers, but for me it was a secret as to enfold the daughter to it after 5 minutes unfolded. Swaddled tight, then there was some result.
It was a pity her, when he pulled the diaper and it always seemed to me that all her crushes, but otherwise it woke itself handles :(
On the Playground accidentally saw mommy was walking with a boy about our age.
Lay the baby in a nice envelope with Velcro. First thought that own sewing was the envelope, as the inscription “ SwaddleMe “ bottom dispelled my doubts.
In the evening, asked Google that for such SwaddleMe from the firm's Summer, what they are, etc.
In the morning I already ran to the nearest Children's world.
The envelope bought Velcro - still use today.
Summer softer than usual diaper, recorded better.
The size I bought a Large, it is designed for 3-6 months, and then bought and even more ( 9-12 months ). He's already done differently: there are lamecki on the buttons at the shoulders.
Nice material - cotton.
Washed I envelopes 30-40 degrees at low speed spin and so far they all lie in a pile in the closet like new.
The good thing of high quality.
Advised to look to the future mothers to these Summer infant Mat.

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Autumn came, and with it, and harmful viruses, hypothermia.
The first response to such weather conditions my daughter one or runny nose. Stuffy nose entails other problems : a restless sleep, my daughter is fussy, not eating, etc.
Recently I was able to facilitate the breathing of the girl with one simple tool - cough sos-foam for bathing babies Aqa baby.
This cold foam fits children from the first year of life.
We use this foam, as follows:
First of all see whether the temperature my daughter, then in the evening bath add a small amount of content ( so as to form a foam - daughter loves to swim with its abundance ). The water made slightly warmer than normal.
First, she is breathing the vapors of eucalyptus,
Secondly, in this sos-foam Aqa baby has a warming effect, so immediately after bathing baby clothes into dry clothes, wrap up in a blanket and sleep peacefully until morning, her breathing is not as heavy.
On the one hand, just bathing, and using a cold. Eyes this foam does not "bite", is inexpensive - 120 rubles only.
All advise!

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Reviews: Children / Baby care

Cream under the diaper had not planned to buy, but still in the hospital on the ass, my daughter began to appear red spots - rash. Put bepanthen, but a good result from him I have not noticed. Helped eventually ointment with zinc oxide, the simplest in the pharmacy, but constantly use it it is impossible - you can dry out baby's skin. Here I came up with the idea to buy the cream under the diaper with the zinc oxide in the composition. Sanosan brand I know for a long time, so do not hesitate to buy protective cream diaper rash it is this proven company ( by the way, I liked their "non-toxic" compounds during pregnancy used the cream sanosan mother from stretch marks ). In addition to zinc oxide in the cream I've found some olive oil and panthenol ( for those who don't know - this substance has anti-inflammatory action, as in bepanthene). The cream was a miracle : put it every time before a diaper change. Imagined cream under the diaper fall on the skin like a plaster, but no, it was nothing - cream is not different from the usual face cream, isn't that thick, but leaves no traces, pounded well. Sanosan protective diaper rash is so good that not only prevents, but also heals the rash just that the panthenol. Once it so happened that this cream has saved us from even poticy. Tried the cream diaper rash bubchen . Too bad, but with severe diaper rash is not coping and is pounded so well as sanosan, seemed small grains remain on the skin. So, if I buy a third jar of the cream, you will return to Sanosan and not to any other.

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Feeding bottle Born free have very much helped me.
The fact that I gave birth to a daughter when he was a student at the University, and to ride the exams had even in its infancy.
The use of HS and the bottle was inevitable.
In the bottle born free can highlight a number of advantages :
• nipple not stick together. Classic shape I liked. My daughter was convenient to take her lips.
• not zaglatyvala the air when feeding, because, thanks all the same nipple, baby itself controls the rate of milk into his mouth.
• the bottle is sealed. You can easily mix it mix, porridge and take on the road.
I liked that the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher and sterilized in the microwave.
Now I'll tell you why my child, loaded with the bottle, threw the chest.
Everything is simple. Cost me try once as the milk is poured from the bottle, as it became clear that it hardly flows. The girl was also tense, as in the case of Sesay.
Therefore selecting where the lighter was not.
We managed to keep GW, and the session I closed, and even a University degree.
If you need a bottle or girlfriend in HS, I think the born free pass for such a friend.

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