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Roof of galvanised recede into the past, and very well. Looks like this mess of the wild, paint it peeling off quickly. And we have rusted in the spring, ran down the roof. Well summer is not very rainy, had to change before filled completely. Instead, put the metal, now for a long time to calm down on the subject of roof. We took her in Rufstroy, and there is only a production guarantee of not less than 10 years. And our Grand Line Velour and all 20. And in fact even more. So the husband went and looked at it, signed the documents. And surprise – it was the Grand Line for free bring. That's the surprise. not that big saving, but it's nice. And mount it easily in any case my husband handled that one side did not have to hire. Put in lots of insulation and frost, and the sounds muffle. He said 15 cm is enough, well perhaps it is.

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Our old house in the country we have completely rebuilt, only the walls remained. Changed the wiring, made the alterations, we now have a bathroom as expected – in the house and the shower is normal. That waste had to pomudrit', but in the end I found the company Super Septic tank, they found us all clean, and the kitchen, and everywhere. Successful was the decision – we picked up a septic tank to be enough for the number of people still under our soil. And for the winter it is not canned – it is in Superlattice told us. Which by the way is not necessary – that no such fuss this unit does not require collected-have set – and before winter, while we are in the country, it itself works.

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The frame we ordered the wood – gorgeous! Our poor country is well worth it with the patch from the parent. We have been going to be built, but the children one after the other, then the crisis, even though we are not in poverty, but all are not the Rockefellers. I recently gathered with the tools. Originally wanted to put a frame, but a friend's husband there was a wedding, they imagine a house made of wood just recently built. I'm impressed so far – big, bright, one bathroom more than 12 meters! Air even it something special, not something that smells like a tree, but a lively, fresh. And it can be ordered and brought, and set can and trim to do – that is we haven't decided yet. He shared address, in a wooded area bought. We too targeted, chose the cottage – smaller, of course, we just the summer to live in it will be. In their favor still worked, no pre-payment. And then I heard about this that he paid the money, and all Holos.

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