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We completely redid the kitchen, removed some walls and made her poluslova. So a little bit increased food. Dining table made in the form of a bar, and then long could not be determined with chairs. Needed interesting chairs. Friends suggested the online store DeepHouse. To buy chairs over the Internet was risky, not to feel and check the quality, but the selection was awesome. We took a chance on the kitchen popularnie chairs. Delivered a little late, but called back with a tube and warned. The chairs were flawless and of excellent quality. Now we plan to replace the chairs in the living room, and have looked after a few models.

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I had to look for good professionals to address family disputes. Helped the guys from otherwise I do not know how further to live able. Divorced my husband 2 years ago, but still continued to live in the same apartment, which was decorated for my parents. But to evict him I couldn't. With the help of lawyers in this firm I was able this year to fight for their right to the apartment, and now live by myself and finally enjoyed the freedom.

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5 02.09.2016

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I am now going through a course correction and body in the clinic, I am very pleased that my opinion coincides with the opinion of so many people. I'm glad that such a center exists for us, as much as I did not visit the gym and even worked with the instructor individually, it is still more than 5 kg I didn't lose it a little if I relax immediately came back 6-7 pounds. I struggle with extra pounds. all my adult life and only now feel the real changes. For the first 2 months I lost 14 kg, the weight went off smoothly, not much, but very good sense of lightness in the body, the feeling of freedom and beauty. Very helpful hardware procedures. I was prescribed the therapy, and procedures cavitation, also went to termocartagena seaweed. and now I'm visiting the pool and gym are engaged with the instructor individually. In the BB clinics the entire program is built on the emphasis of individuality, is its big plus
I've finally become a girl. All this thanks to all the staff BB clinics!!!

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I suffer from completeness since childhood, always tried to limit myself in sweet and flour, although really do love him. Many times sat on different diets, which eventually led to gastritis, and all his charms. But it's a shame that the result, that I didn't achieve, well, minus a few pounds. Came to this center for help, because he knew that I still doing something wrong, not right. and so it proved - the biggest mistake is to not starve, you need to eat everything, but in divided portions and often. And this not only, I learned from my nutritionist that examining my sores, I was an individual nutrition program.Go on a new diet. Here is the first time I have used the services of a psychologist, also here in the center. Now I understood and appreciated their work. But most of all I liked the hardware of procedure. I was assigned cryolipolysis and vacuum massage. Later, add and other treatments. I visit the center 3 times a week, already I go here at least 2 months and see good results - minus 8 kg. With the inspiration to continue exercising. All the staff at the centre thank you very much for the work, and for that you have with us in Yaroslavl.

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