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1 08.02.2013

Exactly one year ago, I was pointed to the modem from Huawei, truth is connectivity from Kyivstar, but nothing. Bought, cheaply. It turned out that to go to the country with a laptop is now available on all summer, and not to lose touch with friends))) Yes, mobility is a good thing. I heard reviews about the company, mostly positive. I will look closely to the plates))) Who knows, prompt)))) Thank you.

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-1 07.02.2013

Reviews: Children / Baby goods

As it turned strewn praise children's tent on the forums Sannycat quite unsafe toy. If it even fix the street, a child running into her tear mount. Leave your child alone can not play. In the house we put a tent between the wall and the cabinet, as the daughter running into her in the open tent and turns herself in it too flipped. This is very dangerous. Another adopted security measures - put inside the tent a large pillow that was a contrast and it remained in place. Another remark in the direction of the quality of the material from which made tent. It's too thin to protect the summer rain, so that the tent can not be placed in the open and use the picnic as a shelter from the weather. One happy - comfortable bag and dense mosquito nets, so that in dry weather to spend the night outdoors))) In relation quality - price not satisfied. When choosing such a product should pay attention to the material from which made tent (density, opacity, water-repellent factor) and how to fix on different types of surfaces.

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Reviews: Medicine / Medicines

Winter. Naturally from all the viruses can not hide, that we picked up some. My daughter temperature rose on hand were candles with paracetamol, which I gave her in the past, but they are only 38 and we have 39.2. Local doctor said the nanoparticles need something stronger, with ibuprofen. The pharmacy gave Nurofen for Children with strawberry flavor. Allergies before or on what food or drugs were not, but here in the morning at the elbows and on the tummy small red dots. Immediately scared, thinking rubella or chickenpox (now this stuff in kindergarten enough). Naturally called the doctor, he examined it, and said something overfed child is allergic. Neither the temperature nor any other disease pediatrician discovered. With a sigh of relief began to remember that new and different to give the baby. Main suspect remained Nurofen for Children with ibuprofen and strawberry. From friends moms I heard similar cases, but did not betray the values ​​and directions of contraindications is allergic to atsetilsolitsilovuyu acid, which in other words it sounds like as vitamin C. One now realized that it is fashionable to use only those drugs which you know everything, and definitively explore the composition of all new, what do you give the preschool child, because the immune system are building up to 6 years.

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Reviews: Pets / Animals

Daughter is 2 years old, loves cats, but we have a dog. and keep the cat is not very convenient. Friends advised compromise - to get the rabbit. As it turned out, it is very peaceful animals. When choosing toys for a living child should be noted that even though communication with rabbit enhance baby's health, but he should not only be vaccinated against rabies, but also from many other diseases that carry insects.

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Reviews: Children / Baby goods

We were presented with a toy for a child's development musical dice. First, liked, but over time (half game) broke cover from the mouse, and the disk was found to be removed, and also it is quite thin. rotation and can cover open injure the child. Another great point about the weight - almost three pounds for a preschooler is very dangerous, even though the packaging says "Age: 12M +". Kiddieland company promises security and reliability, but our crash test toy fails (((

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