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Internet Service Provider Total Telecom Rostov-on-Don - a complete rudeness. - Review

-5 16.03.2012

Internet Service Provider "Total Telecom" (Rostov-on-Don) - a complete rudeness.

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Recently conducted a web of "Total Telecom" (Rostov). When the router is set up, we had to go to tehsluzhbu provider. The specialist who tuned router, forgot to give the wire, it is found only at home. I had to go back to their offices. At my request to be more closely next time, this is the specialist called me such nonliterary words, and remember that you do not want. Filed a complaint against the chief, with the hope to obtain at least an apology. But in response I heard that still need to understand the situation and find out who was right and who is wrong. I was shocked. Unfortunately, we have a new home, which is not connected to other providers, or necessarily have terminated the contract with the "Total Telecom".

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