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Wooden 3D Puzzle, Bulldozer from Ranok - too easy - Review

-1 30.05.2012

Wooden 3D Puzzle, "Bulldozer" from Ranok - too easy

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I can not say that the child was playing for a long time. He was happy collected. Inspected, disassembled and assembled again. In the assembly there was nothing serious, a first grader will figure everything out instantly. For smaller children just will not work, because it requires carefully collected, due to the fact that the details are kept very low. Be sure to put on the glue or not to touch it, otherwise the whole structure will collapse. An hour later, the toy was tightly forgotten. I think that as a designer malofunktsionalen because you can only make a bulldozer and without difficulty. Too easy, not interested.

Tags: 3d wooden puzzle, wooden puzzle bulldozer, puzzle bulldozer wounds

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