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Pills' Bromocriptine-Richter from« Gedeon Richter »Hungary - have side effects - Review

-5 15.10.2011

Pills' Bromocriptine-Richter "from« Gedeon Richter »(Hungary) - have side effects

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When it came time to wean baby from the breast, I decided to consult a gynecologist about pills that would help expedite the process of cessation of milk production. The doctor advised me to the drug "Bromocriptine-Richter" from «Gedeon Richter» (Hungary), which I am the same day, acquired a pharmacy in far lower price! I was immediately alerted a very long list of side effects mentioned in the instructions (probably a long list I have not seen in my life). But still decided to rely on recommendations of a gynecologist, and drank a half tablet at bedtime. In the morning I was in shock when she attempted to get out of bed, I have a terribly dizzy and I almost fainted. As a result, all day I lay in bed, I was sick, the mind was clouding, forces did not even talk. In general, I thought - that is the end! Thank God that nothing happened, but I want to give some advice: do not drink these pills, and milk and very slowly go away!

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