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Toy yo-yo Aero 2.0 Shuriken - Review

-1 20.06.2012

A toy yo-yo "Aero Shuriken 2.0" - that is not so

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Until she decided to play a toy yo-yo "Aero Shuriken 2.0", then give the child as older. I remember as a child turned the yo-yo as a solid top, back himself in the arm. And this, though, after jerking back (through time), but it is very unstable. And the bias is clearly visible on one of the halves. Rearranged and the axis, and plugs, shifted, but still the same half of the heavier, and the rope rubs against the second half of the yo-yo. Because of this, and turns long, and bind may not be published. I'll try to work out more, or the balance is still halved.

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