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The Alliance Ukraine - Review

-5 23.01.2014

Alliance Ukraine, most real Speculators

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Hello, I want to share with you their bitter experiences with financial company Alliance Ukraine, which, under the pretext of offering you a loan large sums of money, under a small percentage and great timing. as a matter of fact, this is a real lohatron, it's fun with the Act. This Alliance, I should like to take credit for car purchase UAH 90000. here everything and went and here we go. They demanded from me 3500 UAHas insurance, to test my ability. I paid her naive, I immediately said that I will get three days. and what do you think, is three days of no money, I'm calling them, I want to know what's up, I responded, you have to pay monthly payment under the loan agreement in the amount of UAH 900. again I proplatila this money and start to wait for credit and money again no call Back.I responded, you have transferred to the next month, after payment of the monthly payment next month, you already receive your credit, so I fed promises 4 months. as a result of credit money, I have never received, but they paid their blood about seven thousand. eventually I with them has avoided the contract and asked me to return my money and that is the most terriblethe bandits did not return the money which I paid, they are afraid of nothing, these are thieves. as a member of the Alliance told me like you we have a lot of money and you don't get back. they don't even look that I have a small child in her arms, nothing sacred.
So advice to all GOD FORBID Contac me with financial company Alliance Ukraine. the company has offices throughout Ukraine, be careful.

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