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Car Model TOMAHAWK BX - Review

5 18.04.2012


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TOMAHAWK BX - here it is, true idiot! It had long wanted a machine on the internal combustion engine, and my first purchase on the ICE engine has become the model. Of course there is something to compare before you buy as many of the models tested. At an affordable price, this model more than anything I liked. She drove for 2 months and the snow and on a specially prepared off-road areas. Patency is excellent, the rate of more than excellent, excellent management, but had to change the front landing gear, do not know how contrived, is still not understand, but I bent and straight it is no longer riding. Well, there was a successful replacement and now it has become even better. Of course, this is not a toy, not for children! The speed limiter on these typewriters is not, as he must adjust the speed of the pilot, the ICE engine can burn. Imagine if your child will fly at a speed you in your feet?) Or just a wall ... For adults, too, is rather complicated toy, as it is necessary to clean the engine, change tires. But it's worth it! Very interesting!

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