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Azov sea the village Gengorka - Review

5 15.07.2012

The Sea of ​​Azov, p. Gengorka a great place for families with children.

  • on map 46.151299 34.807434 8

On the coast of the Azov Sea is from. Gengorka. The first time we went to sea when the child was eight months and nine years, every summer we go to rest precisely on this coast. This is due to the fact that the beaches in this village are very shallow and there is no need to constantly be near your child, but it is enough to keep it under review. At this point, the sea has no undercurrents and is well heated. In addition, the village has many shops and entertainment centers. Because of these factors with the Coast. Gengorka is just a perfect place for families with children.

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