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Bar Board Of Saint Petersburg - Review

-5 14.02.2014

Bar Board in St. Petersburg

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Went to relax in the bar Boards at the Zvenigorod. At first everything was fine, but after a couple of hours began a complete chaos due to low prices stuffed full hall of the people are not very appropriate behavior. The threat is quite a normal thing, if you're lucky. Went to the toilet and output I was attacked by bodyguard and tried to search! Right in the toilet! Themselves drinks are not very safe, order a hookah because of it another two days was the acid taste. The music is so loud played what to talk or hear the words was impossible - and this is what I ordered in advance and all night for him sat. Administration and protection of this institution as already wrote, not better drunken visitors. Once nearly come to blows, two drunken Ambala threatened for just danced beside the girl. In a common location bar Board, the place is very dangerous, if you will not fight with someone and will not poison alcohol - you can always search the guard in the toilet!
Even at the entrance and the exit of the bar there was such a crush and service like going to a punk concert at the ice Palace, twice was almost run over. The music is not playing not very good, fonit sometimes get the impression that he had been in a wild place of the 90s! In General never recommend this place, it is better to go to other, more decent and safe place.

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