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club arena Kazan - Review

-5 02.02.2014

Lawlessness security Club "arena" (Kazan)

  • on map 55.788742 49.123535 17

Decided to visit old friends, favorite vacation spot-Club "arena" is that on the street. Pushkin. The music and rest there of course, but it was something of a tradition. In the eyes of the rushed redesign, which is playing tricks on me. Heading to the Hall table, accidentally wandered into the VIP room. Sounds like a security guard failed to notice me, and he ran up, grabbed my arm and roughly Inspector me out of the room. I apologized, that was wrong, but this is not limited to, me and my friends started to kick out of the Club as the last drunks! In response to our arguments used force and literally kicked out of the Club! Some of us were injured. This is what is? We did not go to the police, but people always bypass this club side benefit in Kazan with a choice of establishments there are no problems, and we probably will move its tradition in a more civilized place.

Tags: Security, club arena, abuse of authority, Fight, mayhem, illegal actions, protection, kazan

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