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Biloba - improves cerebral blood flow - Review

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Nose drops But Sol,

Very bad drops, I do not recommend.

Farinosa not helped

Farenheit usually prescribed for diseases of the throat - pharyngitis, tonsillitis. To me the doctor has appointed in

The cream is for external use Mycospor

When I got a nail fungus, dermatologist wrote to smear it with cream for external use of Mycospor. Did everything

Citramon company Stirol

When I have a headache, I'm out of pain medication is usually selected tsitramon. But once in the pharmacy did not

Nasal drops baby Aqua Maris

Bought little baby child nasal drops Aqua Maris. Has the doctor prescribed a nasal. I want to say that it was one of

New drug-uspakaivaet not passive, and lulls.

Each of us there are difficulties in family life and at work, and as a result, insomnia, irritability. My therapist

Nimesil granules for suspension

As directed by a dentist bought Nimesil granules for suspension as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs after tooth

The solution for gargling Givalex

The solution for gargling Givalex (Gialex, Norin Pharma, France) I used for inflammation and pain in the throat. The

The drug "Oksibral" it's just money wasted

Please note, the drug "Oksibral" it's just money wasted. But money is not small! Grandmother came after

Mr. Ìngalìpt spray has bad asthma

Bought to treat throat Ìngalìpt Mr. " Mikrofarm TOV " production (Kharkov) and was faced with the p

Painkiller Pentalgin Pharmstandard - an effective but harmful.

A friend told me that for almost all types of pain, it helps Pentalgin. Once, I had terrible headaches and I asked my

Drops Picolax - not the desired effect!

Drops laxative Picolax, are unable to fully cope with their tasks. Bought drops, hoping to purify your body and finally

Kolposeptin - failure of the release form.

This drug has good references and is widely used in gynecology. But, unfortunately, I could not get a full course of

The cream-balm from bruises and contusions Ambulance

Bruises is a phenomenon which is usually all live together peacefully, but it is not correct and should always help the

Forlaks laxative for children.

In young children can often be bowel problems, especially when introduced solid foods, and you need to have in a home

Reliable birth control

After we removed the helix , I switched to the pill. Chose Lachine and cut them to the pregnancy itself. Got pregnant

Headache tablets Panamax - better than dipyrone

Recently tried to take pills for headaches Panamax and felt a noticeable effect. They are weaker than ibuprofen, but

Cough syrup "Mucosolvan" good mucolytic.

A good tool when you need to clear phlegm from the bronchial tubes. Quickly begins to act, phlegm and coughing can

лечусь ими часто

Я очень часто вифероном пользуюсь, как только начинаю болеть, сразу ставлю. С ним почти всегда получается справится с пр

Исла моос, пастилки от кашля

У дочки (6,5 лет) периодически бывает сильный насморк, причем слизь глубоко в носу сидит, и стекает по задней стенке нос

Copes with swollen feet.

Among other honey.drugs lioton also available in the medicine Cabinet, because the gel is very good at helping with

Cold remedy, good medicine

TeraFlyu.Pri the first sign of a cold, I advise you to take this tea, because it not only facilitates rapid action has

Powder for inhalation of Seretide Discus GlaxoSmithKlein - helps with wheezing in lungs

drug Seretide Discus is rather expensive, but at the same time, its inhalation is very effective. A couple of years ago

Sedative "Novopassit" from Teva brings a sense of calm

It just so happened that I live in a crazy rhythm. The work requires a flat out at 100%, but because very often I have

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent "Dolobene" from Ratiopharm, Germany - effective.

My husband is often a sore lower back and joints, so you have to use different creams and gels to relieve pain and

Arbidol - helps flu

In the season of acute respiratory infections and SARS always keep in the medicine cabinet stock Arbidol. In my opinion

Strepsils Lozenges with menthol - the perfect remedy for a sore throat!

I'm always skeptical of candies cough and sore throat, but now I use it so! And what do you think is really very

Baby Calm Drops relieve the baby from colic.

Only those drops were more effective in the fight against colic in infants. Use them is very simple: the contents of

Restores the sleep-Wake.

I melaxen helped to recover a downed mode. My work is seasonal, and this summer especially there were many falls in

It is easy to breathe with the nose drops for Akvamaris

With a cold all the advice to use the drops or spray Akvamaris. It is made from sea water. Helps you quickly, while it

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