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Center to create a family - Review

-5 26.03.2012

"Center to create a family"

Reviews: Fraud scams

On my home page on a dating site received a letter from a young man with the suggestion of familiarity, and the young man offered to talk to his marriage counselor. On my phone rang and invited the girl to come to the office of "Center to create a family" on Mayakovsky. After meeting, I was carried to the young man, Alexei, who introduced a marriage counselor. Alex started asking me about the financial status, housing conditions, and my view about the relationship with the person to whom I am supposed to like it. In this case I have not asked either a passport (which is done in a serious marriage agency), or showed me a photo of the man and did not tell about it, except for the fact that he - VIP client. Alex admitted the mat in the conversation and began to breed me to visit some trainings, and the code realized that I would refuse, practically pushed me out of the room. I advise everyone: do not believe such calls from this office! Even competent and beautiful breed of money can not!

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