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Покупки из-за границы через интернет - Review

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Kiosk in Irkutsk on the street Red Rise - write one price and sell at another.

Box has no address (and the map is not very visible), but it is. I went to school, saw the value of pie and chips - 8

Jewelry department in the House "Arai" (Karaganda) - there is no choice, and the prices are not low

Of course, I understand that gold is not cheap, but compared with other city departments jewelry prices in this

Discounts on club card in the cellular stores: bonuses for the purchase of computer equipment and mobile phones

There is a map, and sooooo long ago. I always use the services of the cellular interior popolyanyu + + by itself make

Belarus has removed small retail outlets

Can someone thinks it is correct, but we do not terribly like the fact that even for a pack of cigarettes to go into a

The shoe department "Respect" (SEC "City Mall", Karaganda) - expensive ugly shoes

shoes is very expensive, but frankly ugly model. As if the sales staff specially selected the most unsightly product.

Store coupons Groupon

I resent. Groupon does not check its partners, the companies give discounts for reliability. It has been repeatedly

Jewelry department in the House "Bereke" - a very expensive department

Perhaps one of the most expensive jewelry department of the city: never any discounts or events do not happen, and the


Horrible store, a feeling that they sell goods to have been in use. Once they bought the monitor. Samsung impresses me,

Department of tights and underwear from Italy "Beautiful Legs" (Karaganda TD "Absolute")

I like this section of tights and underwear do not like: starting and ending reklamki all goods. Tights are not better:

Automatic shoe covers for sale such as SB-16 but still expensive shoe covers and anything else you can stay

All automated functions of man I do not really trust it. That is, I can not fully trust the ATM, do not believe in

"Your Beauty", Rostov-on-Don, apparently they have diy

Shop is not bad, attracts low prices, but! I have found they have a lot of goods, exact copies of a brand companies,

Shop "Technosila" Biysk - sellers customers barely noticed.

Was the store "Technosila" - seems to be a huge sales network, the service has to be at, but ... I went to

cigarette kiosk "My Friend" Nikolaev, rude, inexperienced sellers.

cigarette kiosk "My Friend" Nikolaev, rude, inexperienced sellers. Can not sell what you ask, but can just

Department of wedding dresses, "Sabine" by designer Paola D'Onofrio - disgusting models

Newly married. When looking for wedding dresses, wedding surpassed all departments of the city. It was in the

Foxtrot - appliances for the home. Slavyansk, reg. Donetsk, dirty shop

When choosing a laptop, went to our advertised FOXTROT! Was very disturbed by the fact that on the shelves and

Garden center, "Velez" Sevastopol - a green, inexpensive, and mentally

The Garden Centre - one of my favorite stores. It is always comfortable, courteous salespeople will always give good

Работа в ЛайфМебель

Искали мы как-то с подружкой работу, но так получилось, что нашли немножко разные фирмы в которых пришлось работать. Мне


chain of stores well, very interesting!. discounts, maps. very much.

The computer (and phone) on the market Savelovskaya (Moscow) - very happy!

I really like this place because there you can find anything you want from the wires or parts of any telephone or

We decided this time to take the area with the bed. Recommend.

Last month we bought a kitchen area in the company "COMFORT" +7(495)374-52-64. Our old area

Market "Temernik" in Rostov-on-Don - always cheaper and more choice.

I do not understand those who buy expensive things in the boutique, where the market all the same. Do not understand


This shop is always the most delicious fagots! moderately sweet, moderately crisp. can not tear myself away!

Work quickly and accurately, and the prices are reasonable.

Lately, our five year old child was often ill and therefore we decided to install throughout the apartment warm floors.


We have twice appealed to the company +7 (800)333-15-46 They first engaged in the installation of floor

Second-hand clothes, "Cape of Good clothes" (Moscow, Pokrovka 38) - good selection and reasonable prices

This a good selection of secondhand women's clothing, dresses, blouses and skirts, mostly things like brands Zara,

Prices in the store

really smiled content price tag in one store. this is truly a "great and mighty Russian language"))))) and

весьма довольна)

Стараюсь брать кольца именно здесь. Здесь ведь отлаженное собственное производство, серебро все хорошей пробы,925 самая

"Служба ремонта одежды", ателье ОРЛИКОВ

В ателье Орликов перешивали жилет для моей жены. Прекрасный, теплый, дорогой жилет из белого меха песца. Покупал его в и


The company "ART" 8(495)649-69-03 did and we have a warm floor in the apartment. I want to say that their services we

Diamonds Are Forever

Good day, personally I love gold, I recently ordered a very beautiful flower ring with diamonds, enamel and colored

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