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Cornicing - Review

5 26.07.2016

The child finally started sleeping well

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Is magical pills for sleep! Because they helped us out of all meats, with pediatrician and child neurologist with their tried! They really help my son to sleep! We have 8 months after withdrawal of GW had problems unbearable! Night every hour I woke up, the day every half hour! Screaming, yelling, tantrums, tears! It was scary! For half a year that only did not try - but sleep and was not, mom even said cursed child, end of story. But, saved sister, who lives in Moscow. In the suburbs we have about cornicing themselves, and the doctors don't know and she brought us two jars at once. We neurologists have studied the composition, I read the reviews, decided to try! Although he said we have something similar already drank! But no! Because last time nothing helped and cornicing helped! Son began to sleep and sleeps fine now, PAH-PAH, touch wood, but we're not on the pill half a year as. Thanks to Julia for these magic pills and even drink the dream of George and our dad!

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