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Декоративная косметика ENCCI - Review

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Dye for eyebrows and eyelashes Recolor

With age, my eyebrows began to turn gray and lose color. A friend advised me to buy paint for the eyebrows Recolor. I

Mascara Avon "SuperShok"

Mascara bought two weeks ago. After the first rush of experienced unearthly. The brush is great! Present after using

Blush by Artdeko - nobody would suggest.

Beautiful make-up just needed high-quality paint. I bought this pretty blush on Artdeko not cheap about 2 years ago,

Gloss Mary Kay allergy

Decided he borrowed Mary Kay cosmetics on the advice of a friend, even a few. Bought glitter, struck after 10 minutes

Тушь MAYBELLINE the rocket volume

Bought mascara MAYBELLINE the rocket volume express thanks to rave reviews girlfriends. In principle, the mascara

Power Shine Lipstick by Oriflame - not exactly placed on the lips

lipstick "Energoblesk" creates three-dimensional volume at the expense of thousands of mirrors shine as

Mascara MAYBELLINE Volume Express the Falsies (Meybelin Volum Express folsis else) - is very fluid!

Mascara MAYBELLINE Volume Express the Falsies (Meybelin Volum Express folsis else) I did not like. With this problem I

Loreal Shine Glam Shine

Recently my husband gave lip gloss Loreal Glam Shine. Smell Shine specific. The viscous consistency. When I have done,

Twisted mascara "New height" from Oriflame - crumbles

Recently purchased a mascara in the catalog of Oriflame, but I use it much. The first impression is useless brush,

Mascara Dior Diorshow iconic (Dior Diorshou iconics) I was not approached.

I bought this mascara in the hope that I will be long eyelashes, and eventually got some frustration and allergy eyes.

Do not like the mascara Eye Care, lengthening lashes

I tried this mascara and was disappointed how it lengthening eyelashes. Apply lumps, uneven lashes stick together. Do

Volume mascara Deborah Volume Sprint Mascara (Deborah Spritn Volum Mascara) - Bad separates lashes!

Volume mascara Deborah Volume Sprint Mascara (Deborah Spritn Volum Mascara) did not like. I bought it because I thought

Skin tones Maybelline Dream Nude Mousse (Meybilin Dream Mousse nud) bad falls on the skin

In stores tone air foam Meybilin nud Dream Mousse (Maybelline Dream Nude Mousse) is under "bestseller." But

Lip gloss, AVON ultra glazewear absolute

Once again decided to order a lip gloss, AVON ultra glazewear absolute, and again was disappointed. Applied unevenly on

Ink Vivienne Sabo clumping and flaking

Two weeks ago I bought the mascara Vivienne Sabo Dame deLa Cour. Bought a good shop and consultant assured me that

Lip Max Factor Xperience sheer gloss balm-I liked.

Winter lips are always cold, so I often crack and then a very long time to heal. A few weeks ago to try a new lip balm

Mascara Volume Clubbing Borjuois

Like a first package, then the presence of fine brushes, not trendy plastic serrated garbage. Eyelashes are really

The shadows of the "Miss Sporty" fit well and stay!

Shadows of the "Miss Sporty" I liked the quality, although they are not an expensive but very good fit and

Creamy eye shadow Revlon Illuminance Creme shadow in front of a long stick.

Good shadow quality. In one pack of four colors, the shades are very rich. But most importantly, they are easy to

Liquid eyeliner Color Me

Nice texture and color - perfect emphasizes your eyes! I want to mention ease of application - the applicator is very

Mascara "The tremendous amount" of Maybelline - the best!

Over the past three years I have been using this mascara. Nothing better could not find in this price category. Fluffy

Очень хорошее масло, мне понравилось!

Привет всем! Нашла отличное средство по уходу за кутикулой у фирмы IQ Beauty, называется Обогащенное масло для кутикулы.

Lipstick Max Factor Lipfinity - very stable

I use only this lipstick, because it is very stable, keeps the whole day, not erased, not rolled, as I have imposed, in

Eyeshadow Chanel Ombre Essentielle Beige Lame # 417

Shadow is certainly not cheap, but they are worth it! Perfectly fit the eyelids and gently twinkling in the sun.

Make up a fake-not necessarily a bad thing.

Market overwhelmed different decorative cosmetics companies L'oreal, Max Factor). There are many specialty shops

Nail Kolorama from Maybelline - lasting color, adequate price

good amount of paint for 90 rubles - 7.5 ml. It is neither more nor less, do not have time to get bored. Classic color

Lipstick, "Love Story" by Oriflame - a chic lipstick!

I just love lipstick "Love Story" from Oriflame. Of course, first attracted the attention of its bright

Looks nice

This mascara is my beauty secret. Inexpensive, high-quality. Easy to apply, no lumps. Eyelashes after moderately heavy,

Eyeshadow Avon True color Tiger's Eye - pleased

The biggest advantage of these shadows is that they do not roll or fall on the attraction of the day. Pleased that the

Makeup L `Oreal - better quality

Makeup L `Oreal the best quality and professional. I had a lot of cosmetics, different brands, but is this worthy of

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