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road and not only ... - Review

-5 11.07.2011

road and not only ...

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Just touched by our lawlessness in the city ... God knows what's going on ... In the courtyard of the house broke down the road even 7.05. and repairing it is not going so far. Walk turns his feet, scratching, and bring down the shoe on the road and the ruins. Do not worry, everything is fine, fine))) None of the taxi is not going to come to us because of this. Ambulance and pozharka can not normally drive to the house ... Just pipets. And most importantly, appeal to the various authorities do not give. I forgot, by the way, hot water ... This is sweet ... It does not exist!!! A tap was another day of go. And then began the annual unplanned maintenance work, which in our area are always in August ... Perfect conditions for human habitation. Thank you to the authorities)

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