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Electronic Cigarette - Review

2 23.08.2011

Electronic Cigarette

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Recently had a chance to try the e-mail. cigarette. The impression of a somewhat strange, but it made me think. And how does it work? Electronic cigarette - a device that evaporating the liquid nicotine. It consists of three main parts: a cartridge. It is nicotine in the cartridge liquid. Cartridge - a small plastic container, which must be replaced after use. Cartridge - a consumable. Atomizer (evaporator). Evaporates the liquid from the cartridge, turning it into steam. Battery. Energizes the atomizer and the light at the end of a cigarette. LED simulates the "corruption" cigarettes. In the battery is also a pressure sensor and the overheat protection. Does it make sense to switch to a novelty? Do not give up the habit entirely, but at least get rid of most of the harmful substances.

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