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The Cuffs Gleb I. Frau Clinics - Review

5 26.01.2015

Endoskopische breast augmentation from Chumakova, Frau Clinics

Shyness because of small Breasts appeared in the University. But then the available funds for the operation was not. Now there is an opportunity not just to make a plastic surgery, but about to be operated in the best clinics of Moscow and a good surgeon.
The advice was written to Tumakov in August 2014. The operation was done in October 2014, At the moment already Breasts fully recovered, was soft to the touch, came down the redness with seams and they were thinner.
The worst for me was the anesthesia. Yes, it was very painful the first few days, but not scary.
Very convenient that the tests can be done immediately in proclinic. In the clinic there is Parking, the house is small, but has very convenient.
The first time compressione was for me like a second skin. As used in these months. Now I am happy that I decided to take this step. Grateful to the surgeon and family for help and support.

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