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Hand cream velvet handles - Review

1 06.07.2014

Excellent moisturizing!!!

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I buy cream Velvet hands have long - perfectly nourishes and moisturizes. easily absorbed into the skin and keeps the skin for a long time, even after washing. The price is very attractive, it is not expensive, you can afford several tubes of buy and hold one of the house, the second one at work and one in the bag, to moisten the skin.

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Hand Cream "Intensive Care" from Oriflame Russia has helped my hands.

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Recommend this cream to me by my gynecologist before birth, so I stocked them in advance. Cream well relieves pain,

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В центре косметологии Надежды Росляковой мне рассказали как после процедуры сохранить длительно результаты проделанной р

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Cooling gel for feet from Oriflame - rescue sick and tired legs

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