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The Company Cribs SPb - Review

5 19.01.2014

Firm "Cribs-Spb"

Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Only recently have made repair in our nursery! Did together with her husband, without help! Children's room is very small only 9 sq.m., have wondered how to put all the furniture in the room?! The daughter is 5 years old, 2 years in school, and working and sleeping area and a games and wardrobe! My husband found a wonderful shop called it "cribs JV-b" (they have a website with photos of products, which is very convenient and saves time, Took their cot 3 in 1 is called Admiral? like a boat (more certainly to the boy, but her husband insisted on it) there is a sleeper, Gorka, dystocia, and side shelves, sliding, and under bed drawer open too (put picture)! In short, be happier with no place she won without a lot of work, we only purchase!)) The coordinates of the store, maybe someone will come in handy: "Baby beds-St. Petersburg", St. Petersburg, UL. Marshall 21, Zakharau website: All successful purchases!

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