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Отзыв о препарате Фосфоглив - препарат для печени. - Review

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Artiflex plus, Health

Me at such a young age was diagnosed with "Deformirujuschij osteoarthritis 2 tbsp.", doctor prescribed to take 2 times

Фарингосепт from the throat has not helped.

Фарингосепт (Lollipop disease of the throat) production Terapia Romania, did not help when a sore throat. Usually bought

How to destroy your body

Paxil is prescribed for the majority of those who found the strength to go to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist and

Tablets Bromhexine Berlin-Chemie useless.

In cold and dry cough I bought Tablets Bromhexine 8 Berlin-Chemie production Berlin-Chemie. Drank two packs of tablets

"Lisinoril" from TEVA causes cough

Prescribed husband from high pressure "Lisinoril" 10 mg from TEVA. Somewhere through the week with a few began to

Prebiotic "Le Cran" with uroantisepticheskimi properties does not help.

This product does not correspond to the annotations are written in it. In the fight against cystitis is absolutely

Saline nasal spray is not effective

Saline nasal spray. This drug is used to moisten the nasal mucosa, and treatment of sinusitis. I can say that some of

Drops in the nose Tizin (Pfizer)

When in the nose heavily laid nose, had to buy nose Tizin producing Pfizer. It turned out the drops do not cure a runny

The solution for rinsing the oral cavity Jailor

Bought in a drugstore solution for rinsing the oral cavity Jailor as bothered by a sore throat and had a strong

Pills for better sleep Donormil

Pills for better sleep Donormil. I cannot recommend this product because it is not effective to cause drowsiness,

Pastilles "Doctor MOM"

Cough lozenges "Doctor MOM" tasty, appetizing look and smell, but, alas, it is absolutely useless when you


On the recommendations of the pharmacist in APTT for my grandmother bought for combating nail fungus CRESPAR (CANESPOR)

Motilium from Janssen-Cilag is useless

The drug Motilium manufacturer: Janssen-Cilag (France) is designed to reduce symptoms of heaviness in the stomach and

Ointment Bepanten from Bayer

Baby bought ointment Bepanten from Bayer for the prevention and treatment of dermatitis. Ointment not very happy

Efferalgan syrup for oral use (Efferalgan) - weak antipyretic

The medicine as antipyretic medication we bought on the advice of a pediatrician, although he had used other means.

eyedrops Vizin

Vizin - is eye drops, have vasoconstrictor and anti-edematous effect. It instantly removes all unpleasant symptoms

Lorinden cream treats with almost all skin diseases

I want to share with you the secret of the treatment of skin irritation. I have a normal skin irritation from various

Remedy for itching in chicken pox

Was not expecting that sick with chicken pox and thought that was sick in her childhood. It turned out that no. The

С ним больше не болят суставы.

Прошлогодний грипп дал осложнения на суставы, стали сильно болеть, особенно по ночам, ноги и руки прямо выкручивало. Ска

The drug "Essentiale Forte" to restore the liver - an excellent tool

drug "Essentiale Forte" to restore pecheni.Posle antibiotics and various drugs, said the problem with the

Spray Ingalipt - always helps!

For many years, use the spray "Ingalipt" as soon as the throat starts to hurt! We take everything and give

Vial promoet your tired eyes

The specifics of my work makes use of eye drops. Before the vial I have tried many different drops, but this medicine

Sedative "Novopassit" from Teva brings a sense of calm

It just so happened that I live in a crazy rhythm. The work requires a flat out at 100%, but because very often I have

Sublingual tablets 100 mg Glycine RB Biotics - works

Suffer vascular dystonia of the brain, it always felt a nervousness and dizziness. Glycine was regularly taken, or

Ointment "Gerpevir" the Corporation "Arterium" - an effective tool

This is not the first winter use of the ointment as a family, because the weather is cold and viral infections often

Korneregel - Eye Gel 5% dexpanthenol - quickly relieves pain and inflammation.

At work, my husband make the repairs. I do not know how he managed to look at the weld. By evening, he began a severe

Antibiotic Dioksidin of angina

A very good way to quickly cure a sore throat. Need dioxidine. It needs to drip into a glass of boiled hot water and

Cough syrup PİNTAL from Greek firms ALET pharmaceuticals coughing win easily!

My 6-year-old daughter after suffering acute respiratory disease were residual effects in the form of a terrible cough,

Tablets libeksin from "HINOIN" PRIVATE Co.. Ltd. - stop irritating, dry cough

Husband tortured terribly irritating, dry cough, which disturbed him day and night and we're all the same to sleep

Ekteritsid of JSC "Biolek" - effective

Good preparation is available as a solution, a large bottle at an affordable price. This drug is one of the few who

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