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Lactine after childbirth - Review

5 08.08.2016

The function of protection against pregnancy are excellent

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Before birth I was on the pill and I got pregnant after them, also no problem and quickly. So when I had the same thought the birth control protection. With this question, I turned to my doctor, gynaecologist, which led to my pregnancy. She recommended me a few options from which we chose Lachine. I like the fact that they have a great course, 28 tablets, without interruption, plus they have no problem sold at us pharmacies and the price is fairly adequate. With regards to side effects were small, in the form of a headache at first, but it's all quickly passed. I saw them while feeding , during the year, and after a couple of months while seamlessly switched to normal OK. The active ingredient in milk does not fall, and its taste does not change, the child ate the Breasts with pleasure, and we grew up healthy, so I can safely say that for the child they are safe. In General I can say that this is a good and reliable birth control, its function of protection against pregnancy are great. For nursing mothers , a very good option.

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