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Hand cream GARNIER - Review

-5 03.03.2014

Garnier Hand a Gentle touch

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Hand cream Garnier Hand a Gentle touch didn't like is poorly absorbed, and the hands of the sensation of the film, and I did not observe strong moisturizing effect.

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Hand cream GARNIER

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Hand cream GARNIER

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Hand Cream "Velvet Hands" moisturizer

cream is good, dry skin is rapidly and persists for a long time, even if you wash your hands.

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Pleasant fruity odor, large pieces of peel off perfectly. A little watery, but you can not say that this is a big

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Hand and nail complex "Velvet Hands" did not give damaged skin.

In the summer a month cut off day for the repair of water piping. To buy bottled drinking water, and had to wash one.

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