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Shampoo Garnier Ultra Doux - Review

-5 02.03.2014

Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo firming

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After a difficult pregnancy, my hair had dried up, compared to their condition before. And the old shampoo were no longer suitable. Seen on the shelves of the store advertised Ultra Doux "the Power of 5 plants". From the first time appeared almost not noticeable itching,but I have not given value, the second time too, so as not watched allergies EVER. The third time I already heavily scratched my head and I was combing almost to the blood and then I ceased to apply the shampoo, but the hair was creeping in shreds! I went to the allergist trichologist, gave a tidy sum for treatment. Ladies, if you have signs of Allergy, do not experiment!

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