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Gas discharge tube-Windi help - Review

5 08.05.2013

Gas discharge tube-Windi help

Reviews: Children / Baby care

When a child has colic, tried many drugs-nothing helped, some of them babe and mouth do not take (the children because you nowhere). The blanket was spare, but luckily we still got. The doctor advised me to take advantage of the vapour tube. Bought a Windi-like that they are disposable, though not very cheap, but child support money is not sorry on drugs gave more. Enjoy it turned out to be very simple-there's a limiter, so the procedure is safe, and the material from which it is made is flexible, they don't hurt. And the truth is no longer our tummy ache. Used it every day, sometimes twice a day. Colic-thank God we survived, but now all I advise this tube, and the truth is we helped.

Tags: gas discharge tube, care for children, cramps, health, children

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