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The Simpsons

I do not understand why release such a pointless and amoral cartoon? Its probably in psychiatric hospitals have come up

Movies, movies, cartoons, Warhammer 40000, Ultramarines

horror, the horror, the horror! My heart is broken, after watching this cartoon miscarriage, how it was possible

Abnormal cartoon "Masha and the Bear"

Cartoon "Masha and the Bear" should be banned as soon as possible to see, especially the kiddies. After all,

cartoon "Masha and the bear"

my daughter was three years old when I first bought her cartoon Masha and medvedyah was all right,she could only watch

The animated series the Simpsons " ".

Our media magnates in the pursuit " gratuitous money " are no longer understand what terrible

What can children teach animation Masha and the Bear?

I'm not clear what can be learned from Cartoon Masha and the Bear. The actions of the protagonist - a girl Masha is

Cartoon "Rango" - a foolish, I have not seen!

One day decided to watch a cartoon to cheer yourself up. And my choice fell on "Rango" - it's just awful!

Cartoon "Gingerbread" 1993

This cartoon is very colorful, but it used 3 times bad words: "a fuck" one time, "but what for" two

Cartoon, CatDog,.

The most stupid cartoon, CatDog, which only can be invented. In this cartoon the two main characters a dog and a cat

Little Red Riding Hood vs. Evil: Absolutely worthless script

When I read the description to the cartoon seemed to me that the picture really is worth attention. But he was deeply

Cartoon "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf," a musical mix of fabulous heroes.

Cartoon "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf" look at the cinema across semeyu. I expected more from the film.

Woody Woodpecker cartoon

Cartoon about Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker, negatively affects children between the ages of 4 to 6 years. They begin to

All would have been fun if not for the repeated child

My husband was at first delighted with cartoon Masha and the Bear, and witty, and provocatively, and baby. BUT! when

" Masha and the bear "

I think that the cartoon "Masha and the bear" should ban ! What makes this little hooligan cartoon tries again and my

Cartoon Masha and the Bear teaches children bad manners.

My daughter loves cartoon Masha and the Bear, November began to notice that it copies the entire mischievous behavior

Leopold The Cat

As a child loved this movie because of the songs,some still remember it by heart. But it was not clear why Leopold the

Cartoon "Despicable Me"

I love cartoons, and this looked with pleasure. Funny, the mood picks up)))

cartoon "Spirit. Prairie Soul"

Wonderful cartoon, very colorful. The plot is exciting, fun to watch both children and adults. Daughter Cartoon

Rio - a kind and warm cartoon

cartoon is very good, worth a look with the children. For those who have ever been to Rio, a beautiful reminder of this

Cartoon "Rio"

Very good cartoon. Bright, colorful, colorful, good and instructive! Leaves only positive emotions! Looks at one go.

Grave of the fireflies

realistic cartoon of the terrible years of World War II. Tells the story of a 14-year-old boy and his little sister,


It is necessary that these cartoons do FOREVER!

Madagascar - 3

A good cartoon for family viewing. Watched with my daughter 5 years. All were satisfied. I recommend to everyone!

Interesting funny cartoon

Decided to get the whole family to the movies. I chose this cartoon because I heard a lot of good reviews about it. The

Cartoon "Fixies"

In my "fixies" is the useful cartoon in our time. Children explain in an understandable form is not very clear. I'm

Rio animation

was released on the new animated movie "Rio." Very good, colorful and lively film. Love to all!


Most recently, my husband and I watched the cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon" and we really liked it, never

Ice Age 4

and the same protein, the same characters, same story, only half a cartoon they float on an iceberg. In principle,

Cartoon "Masha and the Bear"

Excellent staging of the plot. The children were delighted. Constantly asking to put another series. Colorful and

Cartoon "Shamahanskaya queen and three heroes"

Younger brothers love the new cartoon about heroes. But "Shamahanskaya queen, and three knights," he liked

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