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Washing machine LG F1056MD1 - shit!

No offense to the Korean company, but this model washing machine just awful! First of all, because of his drum, which

Washing machine Electrolux EWS 106410 noise terrible!

I bought a washing machine Electrolux EWS 106410 in stores. But no matter what machine Electrolux EWS 106410 I'm

Washer Bosch Maxx 5 WLX 16160 - bad Washing Machine

Washer Bosch Maxx 5 WLX 16160.Dannaya model of the washing machine has several disadvantages: it poorly rinse, things

Samsung Eco Bubble smells like rubber!

I bought two weeks ago myself a new washing machine. Seen too many ads, and of course got a new model - Samsung

Washing machine Siemens WM16S740AU - Design Error

Washing Machine Siemens WM16S740AU during washing on easy mode you can see the message "The pump is blocked."

Ужасный магазин

Обратилась за покупкой стиральной машины на сайт НЕ успела еще оформить заказ, через несколько дней мн

Washing Machine Candy GO4 107 DF - weak "stiralka"

It was the case, first of this year bought a washing machine Candy GO4 107 DF. I do not like it jumps and noisy during

Washing machine SAMSUNGWF8598NMW9/YLP

Use a typewriter SAMSUNGWF8598NMW9/YLP about two years, but these 2 years 3 times already broke the lock on the door

Samsung washing machine

Not long I was happy buying a new washing machine Samsung WF1590NFU. At first it appeared that some of the buttons do

Washing machine LG F-1068LD is terribly!

Machine LG F-1068LD works disgusting. I bought it in stock. Useless programs for both children and allergies, as well

Washing Machine Delonghi GT100 upset the entire family.

Washing Machine Delonghi GT100 saddened by the whole family. Worked for two days, after the leak began to notice the

Washer WKD 23560R from BEKO - poor drainage and other problems, hardship we had!

The first month everything was fine, then the problems started. That does not wash, it rinses, it is not pushes, it

Indesit washing machine vibrates

Recently purchased the washing machine Indesit IWSB 5105. When the spin cycle in 1000 rpm there is a very strong

Washing Machine Candy CS2 125 TXT - moves during the spin cycle.

This washing machine I use for almost 4 years. It erases the fine. But during the spin cycle is very noisy, often

Ultrasonic washing machine Retona NGO "Retona" - gave a friend

At the height of the popularity of these washing machines Retona and I could not resist and decided that my machine

Washer Bosch WLF 20261 OE - I just won

washing machine is really good, even the impression that she has no shortcomings. I like it easy and convenient

Washing Machine Candy COS 125 D - quiet and perfect thing to wash

washing machine this I chose immediately, as soon as I saw in the supermarket, even before I saw its value. By the way,

Excellent quality of washing machines ARDO

I would not just give a positive review, but also praise the washing machine ARDO. They say you can not much praise,

Washing machine ELECTROLUX EWS 126 540 W - save electricity

Washing machine ELECTROLUX EWS 126 540 W itself as energy savings. I have all the equipment in the house decided to

Washer «Zanussi»

Real Swedish quality - so says the sticker on it. For six years I've been using it, never broke down, no detail. I

Washing machine LG wd-80 160 np

I use a washing machine for 6 years, the only thing sorry - why not become a miracle before, when the first daughter,

Washing Machine Zanussi GLW4581 great washes any stains.

I use the washing machine Zanussi GLW4581 enjoy it in such a quiet and compact, but at the same time is very spacious,

washing machine Indesit CoolPlex happy clean clothes.

New washing machine Indesit CoolPlex very beautiful and good looks of the functions, as it can wring during washing at

Washing Machine Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis Slim AQSD 129

After two years of using a washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis Slim AQSD 129 developed extremely positive

washing machine "Electrolux Disp" pushes things to dry.

Very comfortable and quiet washing machine "Electrolux Disp" that stands in our kitchen, I like to use it and

Washing machine BOSCH WF20171CE best choice for home

washing machine had to choose, when preparing for the birth of the baby. Revised in stores everything that is possible.

washing machine Indesit RN1026J perfect squeeze things.

After the wedding, once gave a washing machine Indesit RN1026J installed and after a few hours she had already used,

Washing machine LG F 8020 ND1 - the best!

This model washing machine is different from other modes of extensive washing and upgraded the drum, the less spoiled

SAMSUNG WF8590 NGY washing machine with a clear management.

My grandmother always used for washing, no matter what it erases, but always on the washing machine SAMSUNG WF8590 NGY

Washing Machine Bosch WAA 16163 - high-quality appliances

Bosch brand needs no advertising - it is always good quality and reliable equipment. I needed a washing machine - the

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