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Антибактериальное мыло Absolut Абсолют - Review

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Moisturizing body lotion Avon Care aloe tenderness

That is why I do not like when I give gifts, so this only because no one knows what I like. So it happened this time,

Shower gel Yves Rocher glitter

Shower gel Yves Rocher glitter is an interesting approach, but completely meaningless. The gel looks nice, like a

Shower gel Adidas Special Edition

Shower gel Adidas Special Edition gave brother on 23 February, but unfortunately when using this gel has caused

Bad shower gel NIVEA

Seduced by advertising and bought a shower gel Nivea (Nivea) "Fitness for the soul." Means very foaming and

Антиперспирант Oriflame

I quite often buy Oriflame Cosmetics and decided to take a chance and bought this antiperspirant. but the horror! After

Antiperspirant Rexona Long-term protection, does not correspond to its quality.

Antiperspirant Rexona Long-term protection, does not correspond to its quality. When there is stress on the body and

Roll-on deodorant-antitespirant Perseive from Avone - not long protection

It is very important to stay fresh during the whole day, because I always talk with people. This deodorant does not

The AXE shower gel Dark Temptation

Bought as a gift, boy, shower gel AXE Dark Temptation. As many have heard Yes and advertising what?! And the plot was

Antiperspirant Avon Surrender

Antiperspirant Avon Surrender sweat generally does not protect you! Sticky leaves stains on clothing and terribly

Oriflame anti-Cellulite cream "Swedish SPA beauty"

Oriflame anti-Cellulite cream "Swedish SPA beauty" is not effective. Bought from cellulite. Rubbing massage movements,

Tanning Dove "summer Glow"

All summer I was looking for in stores body lotion with components of the Dove self tan "summer Glow". Found it, and

Shower Gel Oriflame Discover - dry skin

shower gel smells good, but after using the skin I had contracted, sushilo creepy. I had to pour polbanochki

Hundred Hand Cream Recipes Beauty "Nutrition and Recovery", 80ml - not like

so I decided not to buy more cream, it did not like the oily texture, it is fine effect was to some, if no result shows

Liquid soap Palmolive Luxurious softness

Liquid soap Palmolive Luxurious softness of the Black Dahlia badly washed out, not moisturizes the skin, but on the

Liquid soap for intimate care Palmolive

Decided estimated the means to care for intimate hygiene in the store opted liquid soap for intimate care Palmolive.

Deodorant Axe Dry

I want to support the previous member and support them in their choice of deodorant Axe Dry. It has long been seen

Antiperspirant Vichy Homme - works!

This antiperspirant stops the sweat really, I use it in the summer and so far very pleased. Around 9-10 hours, I do not

Antiperspirant Deodorant, Faberlic lotus extract. I use them only.

I use this deodorant for over a year. Everything in it is happy. Of course, the main advantage - the fight against

Liquid bath fragrance Sandal BISON India Esthe help you relax and have fun.

Recently bought myself to relax and just for fun liquid bath fragrance Sandal BISON India Esthe. I recommend to all!

Oriflame shower men-soft and fragrant shower gel

How neat man, I take a shower every den.I gel.On use exactly this leaves behind a pleasant fragrance on the body, I

Deodorant Foot Salton Lady with shea butter 100ml silk and particles - gentle care

deodorant I began to use relatively recently, but I like it very much, has a pleasant flavor and good care of your skin

Shower Gel Chanel № 19 - super-smell.

This shower gel, in principle, very ordinary and nothing special about it. But. I know exactly what the smell of shower

Natural deodorant crystal NOW Solutions, forget about the existence of sweat!

A good natural remedy for pot, which not only blocks the release of moisture, but also removes the smell! Very

Wax Strips «Byly» Hair Removal Bikini 12p - for a long time eliminate the hair

Use wax strips «Byly» pleasant enough, but otherwise bikini depilate I could not get, after shaving and after epilation

Foam Bath for girls Avon "Ella Ballerina" very much.

Bubble bath for girls Avon "Ella Ballerina" like to add when bathing my girls. It is an excellent foam, you

DRY EN Foot Spray feet without sweat and odor.

I do not know for whom, and for me this topic has been relevant for a long time, so funds have tried a lot. With TM DRY

Palmolive Liquid Soap Spa nutritious extract of sea buckthorn from Colgate-Palmolive - flavored

Soap is very good, many do not take it, have never been disappointed, it is incredibly flavorful and has a soft texture

Clay is a black cosmetic "phytocosmetics" from the Dead Sea - the best of all clays

Older tried the yellow and red clay - not very much. Already despair, when a friend advised me to buy a black clay

Bronzing Bronze (Avon) - but I liked it.

Since I am by nature very bright, and tan poorly, then decided to try and bought a tanning Bronze (Avon). I anointed

Gel-Milk shower of Cottage - a soft gel with a delicious flavor

I love melon, its flavor and aroma. Once the market saw a gel-lotion shower of Cottage, on the packaging sported juicy

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