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Washing powder Eared nannies - Review

4 29.04.2016

A good powder

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Me printsiipe like ppochti full range of products-Eared nurse. Cute packaging, designed in one style. But most certainly, the most important is the composition of the product. Eared Nannies we are not causing allergies, no one turned their products, and this is perhaps the most important.
The washing powder the main quality is of course the quality of the wash. So most of the "Detskiy" dirt powder copes. However, after the feeding input has a problem of stains from vegetables and fruit (especially Apple or pumpkin). Such spots, especially when clothes were washed not once, the powder removes not always effective. For it can lower the rating. Although, in principle, for trudnostyah spots neobhodim is not a powder, and specialnye funds

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