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Российские подгузники - трусики Mepsi - Review

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Paint on glass TM Gamma "Prilipayka" - very thin!

Paints, Glass TM Gamma "Prilipayka" have at their core a set of six colors. But we do not like! Draw these

Поильник " Бусинка "-протекает

When my child was 8 months, I decided to gradually wean her from a bottle and start using the pole dance accident.

Mel Wax Company Kite

My little baby loves to paint with wax crayons, because they are soft and bright. When their first crayons (firm

Walker-stroller for children from 9 months manufacturer Fisher Price

How to stroller to play with dolls, children's products this works, but as a walker did not meet my expectations.

3D-puzzle Bailida Economical Nrading "Apple" (Beylide Ekonimikal Neyding) - Fragile game!

3D-puzzle Bailida Economical Nrading "Apple" (Beylide Ekonimikal Neyding) buy older nephew, who was then 10

Stroller Graco Mosaic - breaks down very quickly

When choosing a stroller it was decided on this model. Good friend of the seller, and she gave secret information that

Coverall Didriksons, a child in it freezes.

Company pristizhnaya, and makes good quality stuff. But with kombeza no luck. Is expensive, and the child does not warm

Canki-Stroller "Alyonushka-3" - Uncomfortable sled!

Canki-Stroller "Alyonushka-3" bought his nephew. Having considered their home and while walking, concluded

Bleach "Eared nannies" Do not bleach.

I tried bleach "eared nanny" when my daughter was a couple of months. No allergy, thank God he did not call,

Musical night light projector "Cotoons" - expect a little bit different ...

This is a night light projector gave us the first day of birth. I had to put it mildly, disappointed. He designs for

Diapers Pampers Active baby 3

I usually use other diapers, but recently, because in the store the other was not, bought Pampers active baby 3. They

Drinking bowl Canpol babies (Kanpol baby) is not hygienic to use.

Drinking bowl Canpol babies (Kanpol baby) has closed tank nipple, it can not be flushed. So, what to drink out of it is

Mat develops World of Childhood "Butterfly Magic" - not much!

I do not like the fabric from which the mat is made! It's something like fleece! Collects a cloth on his absolutely

Baby stroller-cane Peg Perego Si 2010 - a very expensive

It looks very unreliable and did not maneuver with its single tiny wheels. While punctuated with top comfort and looks

Suspension for stroller "Funny Animals" from TM "Canpol babies" - quickly stretched rubber band

When once confronted with buying pendants for prams (baby), attention was attracted by products of TM "Canpol

Cot SLE-Company is a good bed for a child

Great bed, made of high quality non-toxic materials! The son slept in it until three years later, we removed the top of

Baby Cream Johnson's baby tenderness of nature for walks - a good moisturizer.

With the onset of autumn bought for my son baby cream for walking on Johnson's baby. Buy me a nice surprise. Cream

Children's tights dune good quality and match the size of

I used to when the child took the tights, the first one will take a few, examples, and I come home how many more need

Machine-scooter from a company Orion!

Machine-scooter from a company Orion was my third mistake in the written reviews. So I considered it my duty to bring

Toothbrush «ROCS Baby» from a group of companies «DRC» - convenient and safe to use

My baby's first teeth appear very early - at four months. Even earlier, was familiar with the widespread view that

GEOX - the best shoes for children's feet.

For a child, always buy a nice, comfortable, and most importantly, quality shoes. Whatever foot to breathe, does not

Children with sleds on wheels "Snowstorm" - comfortable, easy

Broad runners provide good patency, the handle is fixed in two positions (lower, higher), but the main advantage - it

Lexus Trike - a children's tricycle

riding on a bicycle Lexus Trike from May to October on the streets. The child at the time of purchase of a bicycle was

Bath salts "Alenka" with an extract of Tea Tree "Center for Children Kosetiki (Ukraine)" - a beautiful bath salt.

Koopa the kid with the salt bath Alenka with tea tree extract. It helps the child, enriched by natural resources. It

Children's Toy "Kitchen" Chicco - an interesting toy!

My niece 2 years old and she has a child's kitchen! The toy is very easy, a child plays with pleasure! 2 months of

A good powder for baby clothes!

When born, baby, that's when we started to wash baby clothes Eared nyanem. Packs enough for a long time, washes well

Great dummy

During pregnancy I, inexperience, I was sure that my child dummy is not needed. But arriving from the hospital, I

Scissors shaped "Kalyaka-Malyaka" - Fun for Kids

My daughter has long asked the scissors, but I thought that it is too early yet. But the other day I saw in the store

Baby shoes with velcro on the Geox - a good choice

Boots Geox good qualities: warm, do not get wet, they look nice, because they do not lose their external appeal, even

Stroller "Taka Flash"-very comfortable for mom and baby.

We are probably one of the few holders of progulochnoykolyaski "Taka Flash". Took a risk, bought it when the

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