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Фильм Гостья из будущего - Review

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"Return of the Musketeers" - a sad mature.

Annoyed after watching mindless Musketeer movie with Mila Jovic, decided to go back to our movie and spent the evening

The series of "force majeure" or "Suits", TV's channel USA Network. Genre: Comedy, drama.S June 14, 2012 on the screens of Season 2

Quite a grandiose name for this series. Selection of the cast was not impressed, and it annoys me looks and manners,

film "The good old orgy" / Good Old Fashioned Orgy / 2011

fucking insanity. Maybe something I do not understand, but why bother to shoot these films? Stupidity and vulgarity of

film "The Behemoth" Behemoth 2011

For such a monster - and a minimum of destruction! Not inclined. They waited for the movie, disaster, and disaster-it


In the story, God has lost faith in humanity, and sent the angels of death, to destroy all life. However, to help

Season of the Witch

filmets boring with a predictable plot. As always, the brave hero fights and wins the devils .. Do not believe anything

The film "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." I regret the time spent.

Recently saw the movie "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." For reviews realized that motivating reel of film,

Disgusting and inhumane movie!

Recently saw the film "The human centipede" parts 1 and 2, and was appalled. This I have never seen! What is

film "The Mechanic" 2011

The film "The Mechanic" looked. To be honest, I thought, would be more drive, and do not even know what to

The March Cats

Dumb American comedy, sometimes just disgusting. I'm not a fan of this humor.

"I Frankenstein (USA, Australia)

The film doesn't liked. Terrible lighting and sound effects. For a man who had not previously seen the movie

Salt (Salt)

This is not a comedy, and drama .. So basically this movie can only look at the fight-chase-spec. effects. No

the film "Room in Rome" / Room in Rome /

Spanish film of 2010. More and there is nothing to say. By the middle of the film there is a legitimate question - and

film "Piranha 3D" / Piranha 3D / 2010

Appetizing ear - hot to, smoky, rich ... M-th-th-th-th-th .............. A smell-how! Watered and flow. Summer horror,

film "Mulholland Drive" / Mulholland Dr. / 2011

David Lynch or the weather? I turned 10 years of film, but it did not stop to look. But the greatest pleasure - is

movie "* batteries not included" 1987

The good old science fiction! The house in which they live characters in the film is to be demolished, and a handful of

Lilya Forever

The film tells about the 16-year-old girl whose mother abandoned her as she left for America. Lilja, left to itself,

Naive and standing

The film "Girls" recently viewed 50 times.)) It is very naive of course, but touching. The best man falls in love with

The Shawshank Redemption - My favorite film

This film can be regarded as a masterpiece of cinematography. These films are only once every hundred years. Human

the film "Silent Hill" / Silent Hill / 2006

Outside the sun is shining too bright and overly friendly birds sing? To get rid of this annoying cheerful disposition,

Vysotsky. Thank you for a living.

On this film you can often hear negative comments. Most often write about that instead of Vysotsky, we see a mask or

Equilibrium - the movie, though old, but with a great sense

Today revising old movies and decided to look again, "Equilibrium". The film with a very deep sense of what

The film "Freaks"

again watched this movie. Now on TV. Thanks to the first channel. Very good good movie. It is possible and with the

7 Life

The stunning powerful film. Tim Thomas, who plays Will Smith is great, gets in a car accident and he killed 7 persons

film "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"

Film is unique in nature. It can be seen as sophisticated banter in the realm of fantasy, but you can change the

film "A New Earth" 2008

An exceptionally successful domestic movies. The effect of this dystopia is happening in the near future. Around the

The film "My boyfriend - an angel" - as if in a fairy tale traveled.

Sometimes you want to plunge into the story and forget about all the problems. And it can not, after watching the movie

film "Frozen Soul" / Cold Souls / 2009

- You sick at heart? So hand over your soul to the store! But that's just tie the film. Actor rehearsing a role in

TV series "Lie to me" / Lie to Me / 2009-11, he's "Theory of lies"

Very informative episode! Especially for those who feel sorry for elementary time watching movies. This time not be

The series "Flint" - not yet inspected, do not calm down)

Sometime in April, I saw the advertisement on the film "Flint." Amazed! Go online and download. I liked that

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