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Противовирусный препарат Цитовир-3 в капсулах - Review

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Nasal spray Nazivin

Never would have thought that Germany can produce such nonsense. Spray Nazivin with its task fails, the spout is not

Pills Valerian extract

Pills Valerian extract of saw earlier before the exam, literally one pill to calm nerves a little. Now a year old as

Nipple cream Medela PureLan

After birth, I was advised to buy nipple cream Medela (Medela) PureLan 100, which I did, because just started

Festal Pills (Festal)

Bought the pills can help improve digestion Festal (Festal). But after using them I have terrible heartburn began, and

Pills "Trykhopol" not reduce inflammation.

Pills "Trykhopol" used to relieve inflammation in women, they are not often prescribed and non-prescription

Suspensions Almagel

Bought my mom suspensions Almagel to help her get rid of the heartburn. But the suspension was not effective. After a

Sinupret Forte " Bionorica " in Ukraine has no effect

bought Sinupret Forte " Bionorica " in Ukraine according to the prescription of doctor. Suffer receivership maxillary

Sinuforte from sinusitis

Do not assume that "miracle" will help rid your Sinuforte remedy nose from sinusitis, he buried them a week, all to no

Pills for digestion “Mezim Forte”

A week and a half was on the pill for the digestive system “Mezim Forte”, but the results and improvements were not any

Artihol causes heartburn

After the holidays (fatty foods, alcohol) has decided to treat some liver. Doctor prescribed medication Artihol showing

Indomethacin Ointment temporarily relieves pain

Theoretically, Actavis ointment Indomethacin should treat redness on the feet from wearing shoes, boots. This is

Bepanthene ointment diaper rash

After the baby is born, the pediatrician at the first examination was advised to purchase the ointment bepanthene,

Means stimulating regeneration Merz Contractubex useless.

Do not believe the advertising! Does not this ointment helps! After caesarean bought this ointment, to anoint a scar.

Oromukozny and nasal spray Bіoparoks

Oromukozny Bіoparoks and nasal spray is very effective treatment for the throat, and especially during acute

Herbal antibiotic Umckalor Umckalor

Ill daughter bronchitis. Doctor has prescribed herbal antibiotic Umckalor manufacturer, Etc. The Wilmar Schwabe,

Kagocel tablets that really help.

In today's world without antiviral cannot do, because the shortage of time, reduced stamina and resistance strains

An effective drug.

I do not know how honey. the term is called a sharp pain in the back, but from it I personally Fastum gel helps a lot.

The remedy for fever and pain, "Nurofen" child of "Reckitt Benckiser International Ltd." just saved!

This syrup is always a child in a home medicine cabinet. Never let down. When kids get sick, and the temperature rises,

Мозги пришли в порядок

Билобил форте – это замечательное средство от снижения внимания и ослабления памяти. Ни один другой препарат не действуе

Мореназал Иммуно с ним не болею

Недавно только родила, и хочу порекомендовать спрей на основе прокаленной морской воды с пептидами, который порекомендов

Analgesic tablets "Nice" is simply salvation.

I have never heard of these pills. I have a toothache, and much napuhla cheek. It was evening, and the dentist did not

Wobenzym helped toxicity

Wobenzym drank when she was pregnant. He was my lifesaver during the morning sickness. At 12 weeks of pregnancy, I

Novartis Pulmex Baby ointment for external use - effective.

Ointment for external use Novartis Pulmex Baby I liked. When the son was smaller, the doctor advised us in advance to

Tablets "Strepcils" fast save his throat!

Another once upon a time a doctor advised me at the first sign of a cold and sore throat sucking tablets

Balsam "Golden Star" - from the beginning helps the common cold

As a child, we called this balm just a "Star" and I am very pleased that the good Vietnamese still have not

Linex. Good help to cope with even grudnichka dysbiosis!

Moms with young children will understand me, what is a serious problem, dysbiosis in babies? Gave half of her baby

Drugs "Kaffetin" - helps.

Drugs "Kaffetin" really helps with the strong and constant headaches. But for all that you have to be

Cool ointment

Ointment eucalyptus from Tissa I, as a mother, always have in the medicine Cabinet at the first sign of disease in

cream "Pinosol"

That's the cream, not gel. Very good tool, a natural! Restrictions on age 1 year, but we enjoyed it in 1.5 months.

Nazaval spray for allergies

Nazaval - spray for allergies, has microdispersed cellulose powder, using the inside of the nose forms a film that does

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