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Изостудия Охра - Review

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ABC speaking, the production 7TONGDE small, inconvenient, it is unclear to what age.

ABC has three modes, the 1st when you press the name of the letter sounds, 2nd alphabet called image you want to find

Обучающий телефон Fisher Price

Training phone Fisher Price baby gave us another year. Despite growing curiosity and interest in all training štučkam a

Doman cards negative experience

Many parents use the new-fangled methods of teaching, one card at home. Tell us about your negative experience. We

"Cheerful start" tests (Kharkiv)

Child two years, decided to somehow develop and friend advised "Merry Starts" for 2-3 years. We found Kharkov

English alphabet "very good"

English alphabet block letters on a basis of "very good" is sold in disposable packaging. Letters to build words from

Musical Dog Fred Tiny Love

Daughter ordered online store dog Fred musical "Catch Me" by Tiny Love (Tiny Love), the toy is not cheap, but

The technique of early development of MIR (P.V.Tyulenev)

Among the many latter-day methods of early development stumbled upon the method Tyuleneva WORLD (Intelligent Methods

"Swim before going"

technique that promises an ideal development at very early swimming. The child has a fear of water occurs, erratic

Toy Maman " veselaya karusel "

Always try to choose care with special toys for his daughter. However, toy Maman " veselaya karusel "

Mosaic Quercetti - an unfortunate choice for a baby

baby bought this mosaic - had heard of sellers and advice of "experts." Moreover, it is a mosaic, "flew

Developmental School Malibu Kharkov

Attended this school for about three months. A group of up to two years old. All we are satisfied to a certain point.

Cube clever kid Technok

Recently bought the cube clever kid TM Technok, we have a lot of toys from this manufacturer, I was always satisfied

I consider it a waste of money developing centers for children under 2 years

It has become fashionable to walk with the baby in the developmental centers. There were even those who take babies up

Super high-speed reading of children in junior high tuition prevents further!

Super high-speed reading of children in junior high tuition prevents further! This is the conclusion I came to the

Parents obsessed with teaching reading in young children.

I, as a teacher, it is unclear to what to teach children 2.5 years to read? Does the child does not learn to do it in

I like developing methods for teaching children math "Sprout"

I like developing methods to teach mathematics "germ." The program is mainly designed for the development of

Nature teaches the best lessons

It is important to get out more often with his family in the country, where kids can get along in a good mood, a lot of

CubicFun 3D Puzzle Set architect (8v1) - a very amusing pastime

Recently bought the kid a 3D puzzle in the form of an architectural set, he is very interested in the baby, is where

Books couple Nikitin

Buy, download, Collect all possible methods! read necessarily, no need to blindly follow this method, but Nikita is a

Children's sports and play complex Ireli "The Kid" - a wonderful

It is like, it's so diverse! It has a ladder, swings, rings, nets for climbing. He himself was a compact and

Wooden Designer (Ekaterinburg, creativity Territory) - Build a small house of the little bars

This constructor I remember from childhood. Includes beams, doors, windows, Circuits for the formation of the roof,

Музыкальная собачка Фред Tiny Love

Bought son musical dog Fred ' Catch me ' Tiny Love. To start playing just about everything, because it was very

Marilyn Segal. "The child is from birth to one year"

read through! Received a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I was reading when his son was already 9 months. advised to read

The magnetic drawing board for parents to save money.

My child loves to draw, still only squiggles. If you buy each time albums, pens, pencils - this will result in a tidy

The logical cube "Aofis" - For the development of fine motor skills!

Bought this cube a child of 6 months. The cube has 6 faces of different colors, each with 3 holes of different shapes

good educational toys

I liked this toy, speaks, sings, tells. And now the child has this phone for two years, and the interest in this phone

Lotto "ABC" (Intrerkom) - a great game for kids.

The child is very happy with this bingo. He plays and immediately remembers the letters and numbers. Play, of course,

Ravensburger Puzzle ball of 24 elements Farm (Germany) - a beautiful, addictive puzzle game

First collected by this puzzle with your child and we were no less interesting is the lesson that the child sochel

Methods for Mary Gmoshinskoy-loving parents

I met with this technique is relatively recent. But I can say with certainty that the child accustomed to drawing at an

Cubes Zaitsev

I read the appropriate book. Either I'm not very strong in grammar or a book written by somehow not really, but I

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