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Интернет-магазин мебели Зевс - Review

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Table from IKEA

Bought a few months ago wooden table in IKEA. At first glance, the buffet was very nice. But after a few months he

The line of upholstered furniture "MOON" - there is no beautiful sofas

Furniture looks disgusting. I do not like none of the sofas. No, well, furniture designers, too, must realize that you

The line of upholstered furniture "PAPILLON" - not the best choice

Furniture is not the most successful. It looks somehow awkward. I did not like at all. But the prices just

"DS Kharkov" services Wood Components

Moved to Kharkov and decided to make furniture sam.Zakazal cutting and gluing of chipboard at the firm "DS

Chair Geoby 05MY101 White

This highchair I liked back when I worked nyaney.No now I became a mother myself, and also acquired for his son's

Kitchens Kultkitchen in Yekaterinburg. Nothing is order!

Order where the kitchen, the garbage came, it was not enough furniture. As many as week or two we waited for this

Sofa "Ship", the firm "Sven".

Bought a month ago Sonny children's sofa "Ship", the firm "Sven", a reference To 2240. Colorful, interesting design,

Kitchen "Julia" from the manufacturer "Furniture Nova" (Ternopil, Ukraine) completely practical and Nenad

The money that had been given for the kitchen, "Julia," turned out to be a waste. The kitchen, at first

Kitchen furniture from MDF to order - medium quality for a lot of money!

Several years ago ordered a set of kitchen furniture made of MDF. At that time, she paid for $ 1500. Table top is

Sofa TIR BMC Suite is not served, and half a year, spring came out!

Got up the need to buy a new sofa and our choice was the Diwan-book BMC suite at the price was good, but after six

Normal furniture does not buy in Magnitogorsk!

This kind of trouble! I want a comfortable and beautiful furniture, and not the wood, that the stores sell. If more or

Ukraine, Lviv bed 90 - the quality matches the price

Quality not very consistent rate. Boxes at the bottom of course a good idea, but not for a large room, otherwise you

Bed Onder Metal Helen is not strong

Bed is very beautiful, forged in the design - a lot. But it is not strong. When my parents (mom - 110 kg, 150 kg Dad)

Folding Table Table Mate II - not stable, fixing bad!

A table that I ordered from an online store. He was supposed to be comfortable, sofa, sustainable, which could be used

Table for the laptop from the company IKEA - is not stable

If you do such "subtle" things like that table, then they need to do heavy. A table is not stable, not very

Best large sofas "albert&Shtein"

Buy a large sofa, a beautiful and convenient to it through the year has not failed, not as easy as it seems. I searched

Интернет-магазин фабрики Васко

Квартира у нас совсем небольшая, поэтому, когда приходят в гости друзья и родные всегда было проблематично их рассадить

Set the table and 3 chairs STS540 Indonesia-liked.

Neighbors recently bought a kit consisting of a table and three chairs STS540 Indonesia. My husband did not appreciate

Отличный матрас за такие деньги

Вчера нам привезли матрас для кровати дочери. Производитель Аскона, модель Mediflex Cherry Kids. Расскажу о первом впеча

Furniture "Angstrom" composition "Prestige": D, V, L, F, L - a beautiful room furniture

Furniture, just wonderful! Just perfect for a large room. The color of the tree - the dark, as I like. So also liked

Criminal Code of furniture - a reliable and modern

I prefer to buy furniture made in the production, rather than in any former garage. So buy local furniture manufacturer

Довольна покупкой как слон!

Матрас купила в Консуле двусторонний, модель Салтан называется, по сути приобретаешь 2 по цене 1 и выбираешь наиболее ко

Hallway "Grace", Volgodonsk.

Recently bought a hallway "Grace" 1.6. In a small corridor fit perfectly. The combination of two colors and

Chair "Planet-Garden" folding garden - a small but very friendly

Last year got a couple of chairs, like the summer to sit in the garden in the country, especially on a hot day, nice to

Cupboard IKEA PS 2012 - comfortable and stylish!

Cupboard IKEA PS 2012 - comfortable and stylish, just so I described it as the originality of design decisions on the

It is like when the furniture is made with his own hands

I like it when the furniture to give (at least, the one in the street), is made by hand. Benches and tables made by

Hanger-rack of "Garden" - not for a small hallway.

I really like the hanger-rack of "Garden", but to my great regret, it is only suitable for homes with a large

Corner Cabinet

I have a very small bedroom and a lot of the furniture is not put. Found the company "RONIKON" http://роникон.москва/ .

Living "Neo" from the furniture factory "Tria" - a convenient and high quality.

This furniture is a good fit for my small room. Cabinets are small but roomy. They are shallow, so do not clutter the

Liked the natural wood furniture

My husband ordered on the website Andrew bedroom birch this

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