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Women's perfume Caprice - Review

-2 15.01.2013

Women's perfume "Caprice"

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Lily of the Valley - familiar to many from his childhood plant. That's my sister, choosing a gift for her birthday, she asked to find some cheap toilet water with the flavors of this wonderful flower. I chose «Caprice» («Caprice") from Delta Perfume. Neat green bottle promising title, and relatively low cost of telling me that the purchase will not be in vain. Basically, the way it happened, but it is provided that the use of toilet water is not strictly necessary for the purpose, such as a freshener for the bathroom and toilet. The point is that instead of a pleasant freshness and lightness, in fact we have too strong smell, which does not peculiar lily of the valley. The second drawback, which is common to many products in this category - quickly erode. So my verdict is that all the girls - the "Caprice" you obviously do not deserve!

Tags: Delta Perfume, Whim, Caprice, Toilet water

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