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Москва слезам не верит - Review

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The series "It was in the Kuban"

Looked few episodes of this series ... As someone born and raised in the Kuban tell the whole entourage, suits, all

the film "Little Red Riding Hood" (Red Riding Hood) with Amanda Sayfred

from the start it was felt that the film is low budget with a trite plot (forbidden love, the monster, for many years,

"The best film of 3-DE"

Again, a film about anything. Coming out of the room, I want to say "wasted money". Directors and producers

the film "2016: End of the Night" / 2016: Das Ende der Nacht / 2011

German film directors most primitive creature, without beginning and without end, with the center are indistinct. The

The film "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." I regret the time spent.

Recently saw the movie "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." For reviews realized that motivating reel of film,

Cargo 200 - Full of dirt

200 looked the goods do not understand how the director was able to dip your way into the mud! It is full of dirt in

The film "Blood and Chocolate"

As much as I did not like movies from the genre of fantasy and fanastiki, but this film left a very negative

film "Fields of Darkness" with Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper

husband advertised the film, such as I saw the trailer and was delighted. When I learned that my favorite Actors,

film "The Mechanic" (Mechanic)

I love movies with Jason Stethema. So this film looked, because he is in the lead role. Yes, the actor played a great

The new film "The heat of our bodies"

Hello. Not long ago went to the cinema with a girl in the new movie "The heat of our bodies," I can say that

Pascal Laugier film "Martyr"

Recently knocked a whim to see this movie kinoshedevr.Zadumka I liked, but the movie itself is almost razocharoval.Tema

the movie "Requiem for a Dream" Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Yes, Ellen Burstyn, who plays Sarah, was nominated for "Oscar" for Best Actress, and the film won many

The series of "force majeure" or "Suits", TV's channel USA Network. Genre: Comedy, drama.S June 14, 2012 on the screens of Season 2

Quite a grandiose name for this series. Selection of the cast was not impressed, and it annoys me looks and manners,

Love-Carrot 3

Once again, convinced that the development of one and the same subject in a few films can. Writers simply exhausted. If

Conan the Barbarian

Nature gave him strength. The death of his father made him furious. The great warrior Cimmerian Conan is sent on a long

TV series "Friends"

Recently looked all 10 seasons of this remarkable series. Just like 10 years ago, has received a lot of fun and

film "A New Earth" 2008

An exceptionally successful domestic movies. The effect of this dystopia is happening in the near future. Around the

film "Barefoot in the pavement" / Barfuss / 2005

Wonderful German film, giving weightless joy and positive emotions! This leads to the idea - that life is unconscious

the movie "Pay It Forward" / Pay It Forward / 2000

Americans for a very non-standard reel of film! Unselfishness, which is increasing in geometric progression? A strange

House MD

Best TV series!! See ALL!

The film "Anonymous"

Went recently on the film in a cinema. Loved it! The film describes the life of Earl of Oxford. All events take place

Ke-tse children are not toys! film "Kin-Dza-Dza" 1986

Want an extreme cinema experience? Take the child born in the 21st century, and sit down with him to watch all the

movie "* batteries not included" 1987

The good old science fiction! The house in which they live characters in the film is to be demolished, and a handful of

The film Hachiko - the most loyal friend.

I'm not going to tell the story itself. Just have to see everything this wonderful film. Tears and clearly

Cyrus Bulychev Lover

The product is very different from what have read before. This story turned out not happy, or more precisely - with

the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean. On Stranger Tides"

looked with friends last weekend in 3D. An excellent film, but like all the other parts! My favorite Johnny Depp is

Sleep with me

frank movie about a young girl who is crazy about sex. It changes men, such as gloves. But there is a lonely soul. She

My Love - TV series "House MD"

I love this show, looked through all seven seasons, looking forward to the eighth. Ostrometnogo lovers of humor, jokes,

"Girls" - the life of the Soviet film comedy

Now a lot of interesting contemporary films, but do not forget about the great films of the Soviet Union. encourage

the movie "Pleasantville" / Pleasantville / 1998

Just a wonderful movie! The boy fascinated by David TV show 'Pleasantville', where the action takes place in

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