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ЖК «Мидгард» - Review

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Developer Console - Poltava 8 years is not selling out their apartment building

Eight years ago, in Poltava, they built a 9-storey residential building. Purchased by only 15% of the apartments of the

JSC "Mechanization number 24", Saratov. Cheap, quick, wry.

It often happens that the price justifies many of the shortcomings of the goods, but nevertheless, it is not always

Where to buy an apartment?

"Aviakor" -- one of the largest construction companies in Russia. Well known for its residential complex "Samara" and

Subject Review: The company-builder "console" (the Crimea, Sevastopol) in the pursuit of profit is not considered anyone

has long been watching for how the "console" with incredible speed builds its high-rise apartment buildings

Disgusting developer "Неоград" in Novosibirsk

I live and work in Novosibirsk. The apartment also decided to buy here. A very long and carefully chose where and what.

The requirement for developers to Ekaterinburg

Administration recently approved a resolution in Yekaterinburg that campaigns for real estate developers, will take the

LLC "Dal′piterstroj" slowly builds a "Wave"

LLC "Dal′piterstroj", specialized in the construction of apartment buildings, slowly builds a "wave". Constructing o

SU-155 (Moscow) - delay time, questionable contracts

Contact this year in this firm, despite the very negative reviews on the Internet, there were some interesting

Lenspecsmu-lousy developer

Bought an apartment from the Builder in the Jubilee Street and 10 times already donated. In the homes of the very thin

Bankrupt-developer of "Shape" in Brest

set about building another 2007 homes in the two Kovalevka. One and not completed until now. Our house immediately

Company Istok-2001 Odessa - instead of a new apartment daily breakfast

Concluded with the company Istok-2001 agreement to buy an apartment in a not yet built-up residential complex

Developer LLC " Diskus plus " Novosibirsk

Bought an apartment from the Developer Panel in July 2011, raised in an apartment in March 2012, and up to date, we

LenSpetsSMU in St. Petersburg - the right approach to customers Locations

Contact the company about advertising on their site. The friendly and knowledgeable staff have helped to resolve this


КОМПАНИЯ OSKO-HAUS существует с 2002 года. OSKO-HAUS – единственная компания на российском рынке, которая занимается стр

A good home

Want to tell a classic cottage,adapted to Russian conditions. Five years ago, ordered the house in Vetluga the

ЖК Универ

Как говорил Воланд, «квартирный вопрос их испортил…» но ничего не поделаешь, свое жилье покупать надо, причем делать это

быстрая и качественная работа rjvgfybb

Старую дачу снесли и на ее месте решили построить новый дачный домик из бруса, поскольку нет ничего полезнее и экологичн

Real estate developers Univest-M. The Republic of Belarus

One of the most reliable building companies - "Univest-M", operating in the country since 2001. More

ЖК Статус

Во второй половине года обещают достроить ЖК Статус. Дом, в котором мы купили двушку сейчас стоит полностью, но окон пок

Satisfied with the work

In may of this year I applied to this company first looked to similar offerings on the market, but in the end, opted

Жилой комплекс Сити Парк

Подыскивая для себя жилье в сети, я открыла для себя крутое место. В Москве строят новый жилищный комплекс Сити Парк. Ка

Good cottage

Our gardener's Association, as a demonstration platform Architect. The firm builds a very long time, but the houses of

The construction of quality homes

Have experience with Altastroy. Appealed to them for help in building a house on the recommendation of friends. The


There was an emergency at the office. Flooded knee-deep, all floated. Had to apply for compensation to the court. Long

Great house

On our land for individual housing construction firm Measure-system has built us a house of the profiled bars, this

Жилищный Комплекс "Покровский"

ЖК «Покровский» в Сочи - многоквартирный 14-этажный жилой комплекс бизнес-класса, расположенный в самом центре Сочи. Это

ЖК Приоритет

Купил в ипотеку однокомнатную квартиру в ЖК Приоритет у компании Любимый город, сдача моего дома уже не за горами. Застр

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