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Детские площадки IgraGrad - Review

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" Set of do-it-yourself " " Carrot "

My daughter loves cartoons about children, as well as good if it makes to deal with. So I decided to make her a set of

Letter To Santa Claus

Once on the site " Classmates " offer from user " " " Santa Claus Letter,

Baleo pram 2 in 1 Lungo (Lungo) - money.

A beautiful design and light weight - the only thing that is good in this wheelchair. At the term of operation of five

Lulled Center Graco Sweetpeace, that does not give a baby to sleep

I assumed that the center should lulled lull baby to sleep one night peacefully, without parents. But this thing works

Orthopedic shoes Ortèks

Orthopedic shoes Ortèks is the first manufacturer of the shoes that I liked. The only problem (and very serious) outer

Urinalysis month-old baby - the abyss of time to catch a material for the tests!

Baby turned a month and they gave us the direction to the analysis, including - a urine test. So, I wonder - how to

Children's tea Hipp is not effective

Was our Malyavka trouble sleeping at night. Like and asleep, but as cool spinning, which is normal does not spill,

Dishwashing detergent, "Our Mother" child - nasty redkosnaya

I bought like a harmless way, but it is even worse than for adults. Contains phosphates, the smell is not washed off,

Toys "Lizun" - a little nasty.

I do not understand how kids can play with nasty toys as "Lizun." In cancers of merzkovato to keep all the

Sandbox with lid Paradizo

Sandbox with lid Paradizo was donated to the cross birthday kid. Sandbox is not particularly pleasant, although a good

Reusable diapers "Mum''s Era" Russia

My baby is 4 months of diapers me in a month goes almost 400 hryvnias,the sum certainly not small. Having read reviews

Car-turncoat, Mamazin

Ordered in the online shop child wheelbarrow-turncoat, Mamazin. The toy is intended for children from 3 years old, but

"Technology for tots, book House

The book "technique for tots, book House raskleilas′ very quickly, they peeled and in the middle of the page it just e

Indoor playground for children of the neighboring houses

Now more new homes built with children's playgrounds that are fenced and foreign children are not allowed. So at

Horrific tales

As a child my mother always read fairy tales and I decided to do for their children. The store was on the authors,

Mirror for a review of the child in the car Safety - it is very convenient

I'm not really a good driver. My experience of 3 years. And here also we must look for the child. My baby fidget,

Electric car battery Audi Rich Toys - every child's dream

son bought a battery car, she's a walker, and access all in one. The child is delighted, there is a very

The Montessori Center NaVi

not so long ago, just last year he met with the Montessori method of education. Then learned that Pugacheva Galkin

Finger Paint Finger Paint - Children's fun!

Yesterday, gouache painting, found great interest in drawing from his year-old daughter. I bought her finger paints.

Ручной молокоотсос Ardo Amaryll маленький, да удаленький.

Когда моему малышу исполнилось три месяца, то у меня возникла необходимость отлучаться из дома на 5-6 часов. С няней воп

Duphalac-first-aid kiddies who have sore tummies.

Most young kids are faced with the problem of pain in the belly or long can not go to the toilet. This tool helps just

The new craze Bakugan kids toys, help distract from the TV.

I bought a toy Bakugan daughters. There's a set number of plastic transformers round. So they have seen enough

IKEA Children's chair, in a series of Mammoet, I like it.

A month ago, my sister and her husband graduated from the repair in the nursery, I liked their ideas. Together we chose

Shopping for toys ITEM CT-68 006 - convenient and practical

Famous situation for those who have a small child - toys scattered throughout the apartment. The time comes for them

We found a nanny for -

Services like never used, as there was no need to look around a babysitter recommended by my sister. There was no

Scissors world of childhood with a cover-safe.

When I was growing up, such adaptations and novorotov was not. But how is all the same well that all developed and

Wonderful toy!

This is our second family. The first was a hedgehog, and now bought another and enotiko. They, in my opinion, very

The most beautiful children's playground in Kiev at the mall Landscape

Playgrounds are different - old and new, but they are some of the same type. But the most beautiful and original venue

Puzzle mat-Lee Chuyn "Wild Animals" - A good rug!

Puzzle mat-Lee Chuyn "Wild animals" I really like. It is soft to the touch and quality. All the animals

Отличный контроль за сном ребенка

Мамочки, хочу посоветовать монитор дыхания "Monbaby". Это просто волшебная вещь, позволяющая контролировать своего ребен

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