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Promstroyles - Review

4 25.02.2014

company "Промстройдом"

During the construction of our home we went to this company for construction materials. Very high quality! Recommend, here is their website

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Ltd. "Yuzhtehmontazh" Novocherkassk

This venture was formed relatively recently - in 2009. More precisely, it was discovered instead of a bankrupt company

The group finishers "Vanguard" work very slowly.

When repairing flats contracted me to finish the walls of a group of decorators "Vanguard". The guys are all

Internet Mall "Metrics" are delaying orders

Through the Internet Mall " Metric" ordered the toilet. Promised to deliver to the store in our town for ten days. Two

In the Company "Tekhnostroy" (Maikop) made low-quality concrete solution.

In carrying out pouring the foundation for the garage, I asked for pre-cast concrete solutions to the LLC

In the calculation with the construction firm "Dinar" (Belorechensk) keep tabs on the top.

Construction company "Dinar" (Belorechensk) for the repair of several buildings in the office managed to

Brikford from Ekaterinburg is not paid

In October 2012, carrying cargo for the company " Brikford " from Yekaterinburg, Ural " dog

Strotrest number 7, Minsk Republic of Belarus - is building a lot and not quality

trotrest number 7 and in particular its construction management division number 2 build a house on the street Sudmalis

expensive house out of cheap materials

Dorogovatymi they have houses go for this technology is clearly too much. And on the sly, at first, announce a minimum

Top top shoes in Moscow will help you get rid of the shoes

I decided to include in one of many in Moscow studio That top shoes to replace his shoes naboek and was blown away that

did not justify the trust

do not usually write reviews about work or plokhii, not good, but these craftsmen are very distinguished!company

Domkomfort (Kaluga) does not comply with the terms

Ordered in LLC Domkomfort system drainage and metal roofing. Yes, they make good permanent clients discounts. But, it

Prism window Neftekamsk

Two years ago, put the window on the balcony dver.Reshili apply to Windows Prism, at the time was quite decent

Company Vipcelling city of Volgograd

Late last year, finished the repairs in his apartment. What remains is the finishing touch, it is set to pull the

Do you want the door ... Do not wait!

The firm "Doors Laminate" (Director Sergey Smirnov, who is also the owner) is located at: Moscow,

The company "Maple" (Belorechensk) make low-quality building blocks.

For the wall blocks applied to the company "Maple" (Belorechensk). There, they make these blocks in place.

Жалюзи большой выбор

Покупали себе жалюзи в "Шаде". В этом магазине просто огромный выбор. Позвонили, нам все рассказали, очень понравились

Large selection of metal products

For a private home ordered the rebar for the Foundation, like the consistency works fast shipment and delivery to the

Ltd. "Ekobeton" in Maikop tiles themselves produce and sell it yourself.

In the Company "Ekobeton" in Maikop purchased paving tiles. Do it right on the spot. There is a small

The company "InterkoN" in Belorechenskerabotayut quickly and accurately.

The company "InterkoN" in Belorechensk ordered exterior slopes set in the panel house slopes. The guys did

Реконструкция котельной - работа и доработки

Компания «СтроимТепло» делала нам в Опушкино реконструкцию котельной. Управились за 3 дня два человека (Велерий и Олег),

The wizard did his job quickly and efficiently

We have two small children and so I wish they were running barefoot on a warm floor. We looked for a reliable company


Первое что хочу заметить – это отсутствие неприятного токсического запаха, мне часто приходится работать с разными отдел

Купили входную дверь

Мы недавно обращались сюда по поводу покупки новой сходной двери. Давно уже хотели сменить старую, наконец дошли руки.

Shop "Center Door" in Belorechensk has a great selection of different doors.

In the shop, "Center Door" in Belorechensk looking plastic exterior doors for the office. Yes, there is a

Ltd. "The windows on the Century" (Karaganda) is quickly doing their job

Very quickly fulfill orders: do not have to stand in line for a couple of weeks to install plastic windows. And this,

Замена холодного остекления на тёплое

Купили квартиру в новостройке в начале лета, всё было хорошо до первых морозов, стало понятно, что у нас установлено хол


В нашем доме они полностью делали крышу, устанавливали снегозадержатели, водосточные трубы, медные флюгарки (прелестные!


По совету знакомых выбрали компанию «ПроПериметр» для установки на нашем участке, забора под ключ, из 3Д панелей. В прин

Мне понравилось качество и сроки поверки счетчиков воды в Н2О-Технологии

Мне понравилось качество и сроки поверки счетчиков воды в Н2О-Технологии, поэтому решил написать отзыв. В обещанное врем

Stels - great job!

Not one week puzzled those who order a window for a country house. To solve the problem helped a friend at work, who

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