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Картонный конструктор GiGi Bloks - Review

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Car Seat "Jumbo Aero" by Baby Design - child uncomfortable

Of course, having a car to transport the child is much safer in a car seat, so without thinking twice bought

Snake Puzzle Melissa & Doug - Paint obluschivaetsya

This conundrum can remember playing herself as a child, but then made quality toys and conscience, and now one of

Drinking bowl lindo - can not you like to drink

Bought for son lindo drinking bowl, and were surprised why he was crying and refused to drink. At first thought he was

Children toy car for walking

The supermarket was a very good discount on children's toy car for progulok.Moya daughter - almost a complete copy

Toy iron Huada Toys

Toy iron Huada Toys Give your child the New Year! Externally iron quite nice, like a real one. With him in the set and

Pot-toy "Duck" (Plastic Center, Russia) is not very convenient.

Have presented a baby pot "Duckling", he certainly interesting, but here came from the use of such a negative

3D-puzzle Bailida Economical Nrading "Apple" (Beylide Ekonimikal Neyding) - Fragile game!

3D-puzzle Bailida Economical Nrading "Apple" (Beylide Ekonimikal Neyding) buy older nephew, who was then 10

Designer Brik "backhoe"

Has your baby designer Brik "backhoe" producer Jia Yu The Trade co., Ltd., and was immediately disappointed in Chinese

Quatro pushchair Rally

Enjoy children's pushchair Quatro Rally began with the birth of the baby, as she falls back in almost full horizontal

Dummy Canpol baby

When the child became restless because of colic, decided to try to calm him down with pacifiers, pacifier bought Canpol

Radio Nanny Beurer JBY 93 - weak signal

y this thing very weak signal. We have a big house, and if I'm in the other half, then the signal is almost there.

Car seat Leader Kids Baby Leader - very inconvenient.

After buying a car seat bought it. Do not even think that products for children can be so uncomfortable. The main

Watercolor crayons Superb writer. 4120-12 - bad pencils.

I have enjoyed at the University of pencil such as painted wall newspaper. Namuchalis with them very much. The colors

Drinking bowl Canpol babies (Kanpol baby) is not hygienic to use.

Drinking bowl Canpol babies (Kanpol baby) has closed tank nipple, it can not be flushed. So, what to drink out of it is

Children's scissors Silwerhof - cut well, but not for long

Attract scissors Silwerhof its bright color. All of them good: and the blunt ends, and small, and cut well. But after a

Mosaics for Kids "The Village", a good game

Mosaics for Kids "in the village." Ideal game for your child. Developing, plus uvlekatelnaya.Bolshim believe

Sledge KHW Snow Baby Dream mit Licht Germany with LEDs - very handy

Our sleds were still with the USSR, but for a small child, they do not fit, because the child can not stay, and fixing

Cute panasci

Want to leave a comment about babies Pony company Playskool. My daughter is just crazy about them, they are so cute and

Dryer bottles Easylife Chicco - a great buy.

Dryer bottles helps me a lot, it is convenient to dry the bottle, and you can put into it while a few bottles. It is

Diapers for Baby Bella baby Happy 1 NEWBORN - we liked!

Diapers Baby Bella baby Happy 1 NEWBORN used on the advice of a neighbor since birth. They are very well come to our

Books and games publishers, "Ranok"

to her daughter two years of buying different books, puzzles, logic games. Really like the book publishing Kharkov

Toy Yo-yo YoYoFactory "WHiP" - solid 4

Toy Yo-yo YoYoFactory "WHiP" I basically liked it. So, the moment he has a nice slip for the yo-yo for

Children's shoes from the "fun walk" - comfortable and look beautiful in a baby leg

I really fell in love with children's shoes, which is produced under the brand of "fun walk". It is

Three-wheeled bicycle Zoo Dolphin Smart Trike - the best transportation for the child for the summer

Summer All thoroughfares with a toddler's tricycle in a velosipedike, he was the best transportation for your

A glass-pot - the salvation of the order of the house from the spilled water!

I like to use a glass-pot paint colors. It is possible to pour the water, and even if the child will drop the glass,

Buggy Geoby C306X - a great budget option!

When buying a wheelchair paid attention to her weight, because we live on the 5th floor without an elevator. It was

Children's clothes "Smiley" (Ukraine), is excellent.

Clothing "Smiley" - is an excellent quality. A lot of things from this manufacturer. Fasonchiki beautiful,

Wonderful access machine "Mouse-Shalunishka" for kids.

Year-old little boy bought a trolley-car, "Mouse-Shalunishka" OOOO "PP Polesie". The front is

Quilt Baby TM "Bebetto" (Turkey) - easy to use indoors and outdoors

blanket is very good, use it right from the birth of our baby. This velor blanket myagenkaya, made of natural materials

Breathable toys from TM Perfect Petzzz - a good gift for a child.

I saw toys breathing when walking to the shops in search of a gift for his niece. These toy kittens and puppies just

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