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Kitten from Avon - campaign Together Against Breast Cancer - Review

5 15.10.2011

"Kitten" from Avon - campaign "Together Against Breast Cancer"

Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Such a good toy, I had never met! First of all, very pleased that buying a product for your child, you know that all of the money will be used to good purpose. Secondly, the toy is made so skillfully and with quality materials, that my daughter just does not let his "cat" out of the hands!

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Scissors "Kurnosiki" - do not cut their nails kids.

Buy these scissors to the drugstore, I thought that there is more quality products for children. But the scissors were

Children's lip gloss Rose Sweetie Cherry Lip Gloss (Rose Sweetie Cherry Lip Gloss) - Very tacky!

Children's lip gloss Rose Sweetie Cherry Lip Gloss (Rose Sweetie Cherry Lip Gloss) bought for sisters, her 7 years.

Lap swimming Baby Svimmer dangerous!

We were preparing for the birth of my daughter, and, as it should be attentive parents bought in advance. In the shop

Sitting TM "Bytplast" bathing in the bath suckers - not suited for a standard bath

Bought a seat in the hope of swimming to protect the baby, but to install the seat into the bathroom and could not, it

Bottle feeding Poma-poor quality.

I bought a bottle when we went to another city, and our bottle exploded on the road. In this bottle of very bad quality

finger paints OLLI

Daughter bought finger paints OLLI. Child (2.3 years) sat down to draw. The child was delighted, until I had to move

Interactive hamsters Zhu Zhu Pets - Not much!

Give your child an interactive hamster Zhu Zhu Pets! At first he liked everything! Personally, I do not like it that

Trolley Walkers Fisher Price dangerous for a child

This is a nightmare, as a small child can walk on such walker? They are made in the form of cars, and that surprised

Sound posters "Talking Alphabet" series of "experts" (production - China) fast break

My daughter is only 2.5 years, and it can already boast that they know the alphabet, in fact, learning to read. Many

Teether fatal!

Rattle-teether "Bumblebee" World of Childhood production I bought her baby on occasion, but had no idea what

Designer Brick Combat Zones Tanks

Designer Brick series Combat Zones Tanks - a complete disappointment. The design of the tank is not well thought. The


Hello. I want to share with you my story. When my first daughter was 5-6 months, I bought diapers SLEEP PLAY No. 3

The nipple is flat, for cereals or tea! It is not easy!

My kids do not take flat nipples through them can not drink or eat, she tried. They fold up and do not give fluids to

Highchair Capella

Highchair Capella - nice to look at, but that's all his dignity and an end - positions - three, but only one child

Diapers Pampers Sleep & Play the bad quality

My daughter bought diapers Pampers Sleep & Play, the quality is bad, always run after a night's sleep, the

Уютный и безопасный лежачок

Я долго выбирала подставку для купания ребенка. Смотрела тканевые, поролоновые, пластиковые и в каждой находила какой-ни

Doll stroller Gulliver - a small copy of this

I really liked this stroller immediately decided to buy his plemyashke. It is made with the same quality as the real

Toy Tomy Choo Choo Loop "train" - Great toy!

Toy Tomy Choo Choo Loop "train" delighted with my nephew (1.9 months). Colorful train and runs on three

Handle "Invisible Ink" (China) - Children love

Who has not dreamed as a child to write something sacred that can be hidden from most eyes. And the stories about how

Lacing Toy Company "Sim Land" carries a child for a long time!

It is like our new toy laced fruit and berries from the "Land of Shem." Now her daughter is learning simple

Steering Wheel Joy Toy-kids rule!

How many interesting things now, not come up. Many boys are very fond of taxi in the streets and run, uttering sounds

Diary of a school of "Bumvest" - not bad

She took a paperback journal, since school, and so heavy backpacks. Diary of LLC "Bumvest" liked the lack of

Toy car Polesie mixer "Bloper" - cool

This mixer is very attracted to me among all the other cars, because our crumbs too early to fly radio-controlled, and

Slippers Clarks pink for a girl perfectly worn

Warm slippers, very beautiful. Like all products of this company - made to the conscience, it is very wearing. In two

Хвалю подгузники - трусики Mepsi за качество и рекомендую из-за хорошей цены

Сыну сейчас год и семь и процесс приучения к горшку у нас в самом разгаре. Дома уже привык, а вот в гостях или на новом

This baby washing gel better than any powders

My review of the liquid powder for washing baby AQA for those moms who greet children in the household means no

Toy CHICCO Magic cube - a great toy.

Our son cube Magic toy very much, this is one of the most beloved toys. She is bright, colorful, made of natural

Pot of children Bebeton "Tron" - Very convenient!

Pot children Bebeton "Tron" in appearance resembles an adult toilet. Years old child with a very comfortable

A container for toys with drawers Polimerbyt - a good thing!

Very handy storage container for toys! We take them about two months and all are happy! Made from quality plastic and

Crayons, a provider of LLC "Firma" Graphics "Dnipropetrovsk - an excellent choice for your child.

I bought a child crayons. In the box 18 crayons. Colors are bright, vivid, contrasting colors. Gently lay down on

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