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Kitten from Avon - campaign Together Against Breast Cancer - Review

5 15.10.2011

"Kitten" from Avon - campaign "Together Against Breast Cancer"

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Such a good toy, I had never met! First of all, very pleased that buying a product for your child, you know that all of the money will be used to good purpose. Secondly, the toy is made so skillfully and with quality materials, that my daughter just does not let his "cat" out of the hands!

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Backpack Grizzlies with weak lightning.

Backpack for Girls Grizzlies made in China bought a couple of months ago. Textbooks and exercise books in the 2nd class

Orion dangerous toys!

Orion dangerous toys! They like our, Soviet, but the quality is awful. Today, a child playing on the sharp edge of the

Plastic plate on the suction Kanpol (Canpol) - dangerous for health!

Child has acquired a plastic plate on the suction Kanpol (Canpol) and was unpleasantly surprised. On the label

Bio Baby Cleansing Lotion for face, body, and a diaper ALPHANOVA bebe-poor milk.

Buying Children's Organic Cleansing Milk ALPHANOVA bebe, I realized that one tool can not perform all of the

Highchair HAPPY BABY

Hello! For convenience acquired highchair HAPPY BABY Steven (Happy baby Steven), who saw in the children's world.

Bear Teether by "Kurnosiki" baby does not like!

My baby's teething. At the pharmacy, I was advised to buy the best (as they said) teether gum bear filled with

Set of 4 cutlery BABYONO 243K has served not long

Everything about this set just disgusting qualities of a very brittle plastic. On a hot bowl of cracked once, we ate

Set plasticine ("Gamma")

The store "attacks" have bought a set of grandchildren clay "cartoon" 8 colors (manufacturer - of

Railway Joy Toy "Joy Travel" - rails are fastened bad!

Railway Joy Toy "Pleasure trips" gave his nephew. Train to look pretty nice, but after a couple of hours

A set of simulation and modeling, "Learning to sculpt" - disappointed me and the baby.

Packaging of this set of colorful, it attracted me. In addition to clay there is only one cutter. Rolling pin, shown on

Tutis Zippy stroller is very expensive!

I do not kolyacka Tutis Zippy ponravilac, otkatala in her baby is already two pochti goda and cleduyuschego child is

Children's waterproof sheets Canpol-child sweats.

Waterproof sheet is composed of two layers of cloth and foam rubber between them. I'm not happy with this sheet, as

Painting the invisible LLC "Septima" is impossible to paint

Recently bought a new product for children, painting of invisibility with clean sheets, which must be rubbed penny, in

Baby Fitness for the little ones

When my baby was a month, the grandmother gave us an amazing toy, as she said "rocker, for the very young."

Firefly Night Light Home for Children (Hippo) - disappointed ...

This nightlight we already had and the stars good, but it burned out light, and we did not find this easy. So we

Doll-Boy "cool guy", "One Toy", China - very good quality, do not break off limbs

's daughter is almost gone as much as dolls - all of legless armless-. I bought her a doll "One Toy" - a

Designer in the bag Mega Bloks - meet a wide age range

Design in the bag Mega Bloks has a son and leisure now, but at least, not as a year. Two of the designer gave us

Machine-to-access "Jeep" is the second year my son.

My little boy was given on the anniversary of the machine - trolley "Jeep" factory "Polesie".

A toy world of childhood Rainbow Pyramid Seal-speed Internet access from 2 years - safe for baby

Toy-speed Internet access is quite interesting and functional, the child develops a pyramid adding your thinking and

The best breast pump!

They decided to buy it after the baby is born, when the problems started with the breast and milk. The reviews found

Children with sleds on wheels "Snowstorm" - comfortable, easy

Broad runners provide good patency, the handle is fixed in two positions (lower, higher), but the main advantage - it

Toy car Nordplast "Carabinieri" - Great toy!

Toy Machine Nordplast "Carabinieri" gurney was a rather interesting form. The kid sits on the roof, as it

Lego 8293 - you can make the lego move

set offered to buy as an extra in a series of techniques to motorized cars and construction equipment proposed in this

RC car Xinghui Auto Model Lamborghini - like son

I would not mind playing in these toys, here with his son at recess we go. It is a good car from a good solid plastic,

A set of plugs for the outlets, "The World of Childhood" - my little helpers

These plugs are fantastic! Includes 6 stuff and 2 keys to retrieve them. The plugs are made of white plastic - do not

Inflatable toy Grasshopper "Zebra" from TM «Palmon» - developing physical skills baby

Our kid toy Grasshopper "Zebra" from TM «Palmon» presented the procession for a year! First, the baby did not

Envelope-blanket from Sofia (Poland) and functional!

Go to the birth of our baby-blanket bought an envelope (Poland). I wanted an envelope, bought on the statement of the

Children's detergent "Eared nannies" from OAO "Neva Cosmetics" - the perfect hypoallergenic detergent

My child - a sensitive and dry skin prone to allergic reactions, so after his birth, I have tried to minimize the use

Round neck bathing BabySwimmer - very handy thing!

Terms of neck bathing BabySwimmer proved indispensable in the bathroom! The terms of very high quality, all seams are

Toy CHICCO Magic cube - a great toy.

Our son cube Magic toy very much, this is one of the most beloved toys. She is bright, colorful, made of natural

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