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Профессиональная косметика Рerfleor - Review

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Spray air conditioner "Thermal" to Markell does not give sufficient results

I decided to try the spray conditioner "Thermal" to Markell, and I did not like the quality. First, it

Shampoo for colored hair Avon "Ginseng and bamboo" - Causes Dandruff!

Shampoo for colored hair Avon "Ginseng and bamboo," I have called dandruff, and hair after he had a very hard

Hair rinse AVON Kids Coconut

My daughter bad comb your hair, so bought a super soft (from the words catalog) hair rinse AVON series Kids Coconut.

Foam Hair Wellaflex bad.

Foam Hair Wellaflex (vellafleks) strong hold, is designed for hair styling and to their volume. But this does not make

dandruff is even more

I regret that I bought this shampoo. Believe that he will really help me dandruff, but was even worse! we had after

Hair Dye Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse, color is not as declared.

Afflicted, that paint color is absolutely identical to the color on the packaging. Wanted hair with a touch of wheat,

Foam Wella hair styling - from her hair zhirneyut

I decided to try this facial hair to give hair more volume. As a result, the volume lasted only a few hours and head in

Toning balm "Tonic" "RoKOLOR" real garbage

In theory it should throw up a little hair must be at least a hint of a certain color. But this is not about

Schauma, Schwarzkopf, Свежесть мяты

Sсhauma, Schwarzkopf, Fresh mint causes dandruff are very strongly dries the skin of the head, and the hair becomes

Shampoo "Natural Herbal" by AVON "Chamomile and Aloe" - an unpleasant smell

I love it when my head to feel the pleasant smells. That, and hoped that this shampoo is one of those who have a

Paint d/L'oreal hair Preference did not like

From the use of hair dye L'oreal Preference shade 7.1 ash blonde I left a bad impression. First: bad progresive hair;

Shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafia" bad.

This shampoo supposedly claims to be some kind of treatment, as I heard about it. Maybe so, but after washing the hair

Shampoo Clear Vita ABE maximum amount of the company "Unilever Rus" - the hair is very stiff

After several times of using this shampoo is absolutely did not recognize his Volosyan. Typically, my hair was shiny

Shampoo GlissKur Million Gloss

Shampoo disappointed! Bought it, deciding to try something new, as I like to frequently change shampoos. Bribed

Shampoo "Snowdrop" for the amount of TM "placenta-formula" is no better than others.

I decided to try this shampoo, because now my hair is bad hair falls off rapidly. I bought this expensive shampoo and

Mask L'Oreal "Elseve. Food and enrichment

Hair after Mr. oochen soft, easily washed away, leaving the hair light and pleasant scent of honey. The consistency is

Shampoo "Head and Shoulders" - all you need your hair

This shampoo has helped me cope with dandruff and made my hair strong. I did not at first believe that you can achieve

Camouflage gray on L `Oreal - super!

With a tool that chemists have invented a famous cosmetics company, men may dilute the gray hair natural hair color -

Shampoo Maria Nila "I Care" - hair becomes softer!

Shampoo Maria Nila "I Care" was a very good shampoo! Hair becomes clean, easy to comb. After that, there is

Hair Dye Garnier Color Naturals like

I like the hair dye cream Garnier Color Naturals. It paints a good gray hair. The hair is not damaged after it, silky

Shampoo regulates "pure line" manufacturer of "Kalina"

I tried shampoo regulates the "Clean Line" producer of "Kalina" is ponravilsya.On placed on the

You can use

My practice is to use shampoo Tian De has shown that this is really the shampoo which you use. My whole family washes

Conditioner for unruly hair "silky smooth" by Oriflame - combing hair are better

This conditioner I liked the fact that the hair after it has become more of a soft and well combed. And the smell is

Shampoo for colored hair "Bayalig" of Siberian Health Corporation - shine of my hair

hair dye, I have a very long time, so I try to use the appropriate shampoo. Like Shampoo for colored and dry hair

Foam packing Swarzkopf GLISS KUR shiny blonde - not only blondes

I use constantly, until nothing is better met. Moreover, having decided to disguise the medium-brown, a little

Mask-care Estel "Protection and Nutrition" with antistatic effect - very necessary in the winter!

Mask Care Estel "Security and Nutrition" with antistatic effect I liked! It makes hair mild and docile, they

Hydrating spray for hair with antistatic effect otAVON

Good stuff in the winter, when the hair is very elekrizuyutsya. It smells nice, hair is really a day is not

Balsam conditioner Dove Hair loss control

In fact, after using it, hair loss is almost no notice, so sometimes a few hairs on the comb, after the fiber is very

Shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafia" Honey and Lime-based soap root - excellent

good shampoo restores, nourishes and strengthens hair. After applying the shampoo hair was soft, shiny and manageable.

Mask for Hair Fructis Instant melting mask "Recovery and shine" - works!

The mask came to me and my hair on the soul. First, it is not difficult to apply, no need for a long time to keep her

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